Watercolor Lace Art

Lace becomes chic when it’s turned into wall art that’s simple, yet refined. It only takes a few minutes to create this water color project!

How to:

First, you’ll need a piece of chipboard cut to whatever size you want your art to be. (Chipboard is like very stiff cardboard, and it can be purchased at most stores that sell scrapbooking supplies.)  Place the chipboard on a piece of wrapping paper so that you won’t get adhesive on your work area.

You’ll also need enough lace to cover the chipboard. You can buy this at a fabric store, cut up an old tablecloth, or even use lace ribbons. Lay the piece of lace on top of the chipboard and smooth out.

Next spray the lace and chipboard with Elmer’s Craft Bond Adhesive Spray. I played around with a few different types of sprays, such as clear spray paint, and Krylon Matte finish spray, but the Craft Bond Adhesive Spray definitely worked the best.

Allow the spray to dry for about a minute. You want the adhesive to set enough so that it isn’t liquid, but you don’t want it to set so much that it becomes extremely tacky.

Gently pull the lace off the chipboard and discard the lace. You should be able to see the lace pattern on the chipboard. Allow the adhesive to dry for another few minutes.

Meanwhile, you can prepare your paint. I recommend using Koi Tube Water Color paints. Acrylic paint doesn’t work very well because it isn’t watery enough;  water helps the paint to glide over the resist areas. And the colors of most dry water color cakes won’t be intense enough to show up on brown chipboard. But the Koi Tube Water Color paints are brilliant, and you have control over the intensity.

Add a small dab of paint to a palette tray. A little goes a long way! Mix a bit of water into the paint to achieve the intensity you want,  then apply the paint to the chipboard with a wet brush. Apply in horizontal strokes, then go back and smooth out with vertical strokes. If there are any areas that seem smudged, you can add a dab of paint directly to that area to sharpen it.

Play around with different colors, and different styles of lace. You can frame your artwork, or hang it directly on the wall using removable adhesive strips.

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  1. Lucy Kaufer says

    Thank you for your ideas i will use them for my wedding.

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