Very Cozy Vest

Sew a very cozy fleece vest for your toddler or preschooler, with this free pattern.


 When sewing with fleece, a ball point needle is recommended.

When pinning pattern pieces, the stretch should run horizontally.

The pattern prints on 4 pages. Do not scale; margins are included.

How to:

Prep for Sewing

Print the 4 page pattern. Cut the pieces out. Adhere pieces A & B by matching up the star. Adhere pieces C & D by matching up the hexagon.

We will be cutting the same pieces from both fabrics, for a total of 3 sets of pieces: a left side, a right side, and a back. Layer the fabrics together, with both fabrics face-up.

Make sure the stretch goes horizontally, then pin the side piece to the fabric and cut out.

Now flip over the side piece to the reverse. Pin it to your fabric and cut out. This will become the other side of the vest.

Fold the layered fabrics in half. Place the back piece along the fold. Pin and cut out.

Sewing Outer & Inner Vests

 We will be sewing the outer vest and the inner vest separately at first. Layer the outer fabric pieces right-sides together and pin at the shoulders. Repeat with the inner fabric pieces.

Sew at the shoulders with a ¼ inch seam.

Now align the edges and sides of the inner vest piece and pin. Sew along the sides with a ¼ inch seam. Do not sew the armholes. Repeat with the outer vest.

Combining Outer & Inner Vests

Now we can combine the outer and inner vests. Turn the outer vest so that it is right side out. In other words, the seams should not be showing.

Turn the inner vest inside out, so the seams are showing. Place the inner vest on top of the outer vest, lining up the side seams. Pin together.  Pin around the neck as well. (Do not pin the armholes.)

Sew the vests together along the sides, neck, and bottom. Do not sew the armholes.

Turn the vest right side out through an armhole.

You can’t really iron fleece, so instead, roll the seams between your fingers to give them a crisp edge.

Next, fold in the raw edge of the armholes about ½ an inch, aligning the two fabrics. Pin.

Slide the armhole of the vest onto the arm of your sewing machine. Topstitch close to the edge of the fabric, with a ⅛ in. seam.

Now we’ll make the Velcro closure. Cut pieces of sew-on Velcro into squares. Pin three Velcro pieces along the edge of the vest front. Stitch around the edge of the Velcro to secure.

Lightly lay the coordinating Velcro pieces on top of the sewn Velcro. Close the vest, then pick up the loose Velcro while opening the vest. Pin.

Sew the Velcro to secure.

 Topstitch all the way around the vest, about ⅛ inch away from the edge, to add definition and detail.

If you’d like to add even more detail, you can quilt rows of straight lines horizontally across the vest. It’s purely decorative, but it looks pretty cute.

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23 thoughts on “Very Cozy Vest

  1. Alicia says

    The vest is adorable!! Thank you for sharing the pattern and wonderful video on YouTube! I’ll be making one! :). Love love love your YouTube channel!

  2. Cat Whispering says

    Love the vest! Thank you for sharing the tutorial and pattern!!

  3. SL Yeo says

    Good video. Thanks for sharing. Besides pinning the velcro onto the fabric, you can paste a small square piece of double sided tape in the middle of each velcro and then stick it onto the fabric and then sew the four sides. You may also trim the four corners of the velcros so they do not prick the skin of the child. 

  4. hazeldream1984 says

    Love this. Can’t wait to make some this summer for next fall

  5. Shennita says

    Soooo cute!

  6. Selma says

    Uma Arte linda!

  7. Julian says

    Even before this vid, I’ve been doing this technique for windows in my church and some around my room.

  8. digupstuff says

    WOW! That’s a LOT of work! Very pretty, but I think I’d rather use paint on the window instead. ♥

  9. mcg267 says


  10. Melissa says

    Oh my goodness, this vest is adorable and exactly what I need as part of a Halloween costume for my little guy. (He’s going as Tree fu Tom). 2 things I noticed though. 1/3 of a yard (12 inches tall with stretch going horizontal) is not tall enough for the pattern. I had to go with 1/2 a yard with lots of excess just to get the proper length. I made the vest without any ttrouble following the awesome video. After I put it on my son this morning I found that it is simply too short and he is a 2t/3t size. So I’m off to buy more fabric to make another the same size but adding about 2 inches on the bottom. Note: I could have made 2 vests out of the 1/2 yard as I had plenty left over but then I made a wrong cut which forces me to buy more. This is a fantastic pattern and excellent instructions.

  11. Kelbe says

    I am planning to make my boys Halloween costumes. The problem is finding both their sizes. I have a 3 year old & 7 year old. Do you happen to have this pattern in a size 7 or know how to adjust it?

    Thanks. Looking forward to making this!

  12. Leah says

    Thank you so much for this! My son is about to have his 3rd birthday and he requested a Wild Kratt party. I wanted to try and make Creature Power Vests for the kids but have had trouble finding a simple pattern- I think with a few minor modifications this will be perfect! Thanks again!!!

  13. Bonnie Lennox says

    I would like to know how to adjust the pattern for an 8 yr old girl
    Thank you

  14. kay says

    wow! it so cute, i love it, do you know how i adjust this pattern to my 1 yr boy?
    Thanks :)

  15. Andi says

    I just finished making 3 of these (for triplets) 2 regular camo and one pink camo for the girl. I have to say the pink camo is really, really cute. I did a white with funky flowers for the lining of the pink one. It is adorable…so are the boys’. Thanks for sharing this pattern and tutorial.

  16. Jessica says

    LOVE this vest! My boy loves his vest and doesn’t mind wearing it unlike when I try to put ties or suspenders on him. He looks so adorable in it!

  17. Cris says

    Thank you for the free pattern and the tutorial! I enlarged it to fit my 6-year-old, used some green camo cotton and made a Nerf-style vest with it – he LOVES it! I was surprised at how quickly it all came together, the armholes were the hardest part (although I ended up doing a rolled hem on each separate piece before top stitching both pieces together). He has a Nerf gun party to attend next week, so I’m making a second one as a gift for the birthday boy, and I know he’ll love it just as much!

  18. Sarah says

    just a quick question – im a beginner…
    when you say “quilt lines across the vest” is there something special with the word “quilt” or do you just mean a top stitch all the way around..? thanks!!

    • says

      It’s just topstitching :)

  19. Kaye says

    I cannot even begin to thank you for this pattern… My two year old son suddenly wanted to be Ryder from Paw Patrol and I had no idea what to do, as that is the one character they don’t sell a costume for. I brought out a new sewing machine (never even opened…) and followed your pattern and it worked perfectly. Again, I cannot begin to thank you enough for providing this incredible pattern! You have made me a happy new sewing mom and a very happy little boy! Thank you!!!!

  20. KassiaW says

    Kto chce zarobic w sieci kilkadziesiat dolarow dziennie?? Metoda jest prosta i dziala, wpiszcie sobie w gogle: jak kosić kasę na Adfly

  21. MarysiaH says

    Od jutra zaczynam odchudzanie, kto sie odchudza ze mna? Znalazlam w necie dobry srodek na odchudzanie, wpiszcie sobie w youtube – xxally radzi spalanie tluszczu

  22. Karen says

    Excellent tutorial – for this vest or any lined clothing item! I made a faux fur vest for my granddaughter. It turned out adorable and was a quick sew using your tutorial. Thanks!

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