Superhero Mask & Belt

I recently showed you how to make a Superhero Cape for your superkid. Now you can complete his superhero costume with a utility belt and mask!

How to:

Start by measuring your superkid around the waist. Add 3 inches for comfort and growth. Cut a strip of felt to that length. Make it 3.5 inches wide.

Round off one end of the strip.

Next we’ll sew ribbon to the center of the strip. Fold under the raw edge of the ribbon when pinning it to the straight end so that it won’t fray. Then pin the ribbon at evenly spaced intervals, about 3 or 4 inches apart.

Vertically stitch the ribbon in place where you’ve pinned. This will create loops to hang the superhero gear.

Sew Velcro tabs on the underside of the rounded end, and on the top of the straight end. Sew the Velcro horizontally, above and below the ribbon. Be sure you’re using thread that matches the felt.

Add a little pizazz to the belt by cutting out a circle shape and stitching it to the rounded end of the belt.

Check out the dollar store for cool gadgets like

  • a flashlight
  • binoculars
  • a whistle
  • a toy cell phone or walkie talkie
  • a clip-on phone case
  • bungee cords (choose short ones with plastic, not metal, hooks)

Making the Mask

Begin by printing off the Free Mask Template (click here). I’ve included both a large and small size. Cut out the mask that will fit best.  Cut out the eye holes as well. Note: if you don’t like the Ninja Turtle style of eyes, feel free to improvise your own eye shape.

You’ll notice the straps on the template continue off the page; you’ll want to lengthen the straps to fit your superhero. Measure around your superhero’s head, and add an inch for comfort. My child’s head is 19 inches around, so I measured 20 inches of felt and centered the mask in the middle.

Pin, then cut out the mask and eye holes. Remove the template.

Now we need to add the Velcro. Sew a piece to the front of one strap, and sew the coordinating piece to the other strap, but on the back side.

Finally, you can decorate your mask with fabric puff paint if you’d like. Allow to dry for a few hours before wearing.

Click here for the Superhero Cape tutorial!

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