Poppy Pillow Slipcover

Boppy infant pillows have been ranked year after year as a product moms can’t live without. Here’s a free pattern to sew your own Boppy style pillow and slipcover. And yes, this slipcover will fit a name-brand Boppy!

How to:

Begin by printing the free Poppy Pillow Slipcover pattern. (Margins are included, no need to scale.)

Cut out the pieces on the black line using craft scissors, then tape together. Pieces A & B will be on top, and C & D will be on the bottom.

You have a lot of options when it comes to fabric. You’ll need 2/3 yard for the front and 2/3 yard for the back of either cotton, flannel, or Minky. The fabric needs to be at least 44 inches wide on the bolt; you will need extra fabric if you’re working with a smaller width. Remember to pre-wash and dry your fabric to prevent shrinking.

Fold the fabric in half and place the straight edge of the pattern on the fold. Pin in place and cut out. Repeat for the back piece.

Layer the two pieces right-sides together and pin. Leave an opening for the 18-inch zipper along the top curve. Sew the pieces together with a 1/4 inch seam. (Never inserted a zipper before? Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it.)

Clip and notch the curves to help the fabric lay flat. Be careful not to snip your stitches.

Turn right side out and press.

Pin the zipper to the top edge of the fabric. You only need to pin through the top half of the zipper tape. Be sure you are only pinning through a single layer of fabric.

Switch to your sewing machine’s zipper foot. A zipper foot’s base is narrow like a ski, allowing you to get close to the zipper. Depending on the foot and your machine, you may be able to attach the foot either on the left or right side of the bar. Other machines may require you to switch the needle position to the left or right instead.

You may want to remove the machine’s sewing arm.

Insert the fabric around the sewing machine. Remember, you are only sewing through one layer of fabric. Stitch very close to the zipper’s teeth.

Stop a couple inches away from the zipper pull. With the needle down, open the zipper by pushing the pull past the foot. This is a little awkward, but you’ll manage. Continue sewing down the length of the zipper tape.

Turn the slipcover inside out. Line up the free edge of the fabric with the free side of the zipper tape. Pin together, remembering to only pin through one half of the zipper tape.

Depending on your zipper foot, you may need to switch it to the opposite side. Sew the zipper in place, again remembering to stop to open the zipper.

Finally, I recommend using pinking shears on the seams to give the slipcover a longer life. You could also serge, overlock, or zig-zag over the seams for extra durability.

Turn right side out through the zipper opening and press.

To learn how to make your own C-shaped pillow form, check out the Poppy Pillow Form tutorial.

Please note that this pillow is intended for infant support and feeding. Baby should never sleep on a pillow.

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24 thoughts on “Poppy Pillow Slipcover

  1. Stella Marie says

    This is great! I didn’t like the patterns of any of the boppy slipcovers, and now I can make my own!! Thank you!

    • says

      You’re welcome! As a mom, I’ve bought two of these pillows in the past and loved them. I don’t know why it took me so long to realize, “Hey, I can make this… easily!” Enjoy :)

    • Sarah says

      Thank you for the pattern! Can you use polyester fabric. Thanks

    • says

      Yes, although it won’t be quite as soft for baby. Also, either use a serger or a narrow zig-zag to account for the stretch.

  2. Régina says

    Thank you for the pattern. I had to raise my kids without these pillows and used folded up blankets, but I’ll love making these as baby gifts.

  3. cassy says

    How to make it a slipcover one not a zippered one

    • says

      Hi Cassy, if you want it to be a slipcover, you would keep one piece as shown. For the back piece, cut the pattern halfway along the center of the top. Add 4 inches to the cut edge of the top half and 1 inch to the cut edge of the bottom half. Fold under the cut edge of the bottom half twice (1/2 inch each time) to make a hem and stitch. Do the same with the cut edge of the top half. Now take the original front piece you made from my pattern. Lay the bottom half of the back piece on top, matching up the sides and bottom. Then lay the top half over it, making sure you match up sides and bottom. Pin the hemmed pieces together where they overlap, remove from the original piece, and stitch where they overlap (within the 1/2 inch seam line). Continue as shown in the tutorial.

  4. says

    Hi Kelly, these measurements were based on fabric that is the standard 44-46 inches off the bolt. The pattern is for half the pillow, and is about 15 tall by 20 wide… so unfolded, you would need fabric that is 15 tall by 40 wide. 2/3 yd should equal 24 x 44 inches. Perhaps the fabric you bought was only 36 inches off the bolt? So sorry for the inconvenience!

  5. Holly says

    Can I use a 14″ zipper instead?

  6. amanda says

    where is the link to the pattern?

    • says

      Click on the red text that says free “Poppy Pillow Slipcover pattern” in the supplies list :)

  7. Kathy Roeber says

    I just made the Poppy Slipcover for my daughter in law and did the zipper. Thank you for your guidance. OMG I can’t believe I did it. I could not down load the pattern but already had the pillow form to trace around the fabric. Anyway it is done and I am happy. Thank you.

  8. Vanessa says


    Does the slip cover and pillow use the same pattern? They look the same.

    • says

      Hi, Vanessa. The dimensions are slightly different, the pillow form is smaller than the pillow cover :)

  9. Marianne says

    Is the 1/4 seam inside the pattern lines or outside?


    • says

      The seam allowance is included in the pattern.

  10. AGC says

    I’m not sure if I messed up in the cutting or sewing, but my slipcover turned out a bit tight in the middle. It was quite difficult to close the zipper actually. But otherwise, the pattern was great and I made it in about an hour. In my case, I felt it was a mistake to sew the whole pillow, then do the zipper. I found it easier to sew the straight part first (baste), put in the zipper, then sew the rest. But that’s just me.

    • Peggy says

      I also had a problem with tightness in the middle and difficulty in closing the zipper. But I will get some more fabric and fix it. I am happy to be able to give a custom made cover as a baby gift. Thank you for the tutorial!

  11. Ashley says

    I made this Boppy cover for a friend and it turned out great! Thanks for the pattern!

  12. Ann says

    Love the new site

  13. Pгetty! Thiis has bеen aan іncгedibly wonderful post.
    Thanks for providing this info.

  14. Hazel-ann says

    Thank you for this great pattern, im from Philippines and its so hard to look for a good quality pillow for my boy. But tru ur shared pattern i can now do my better quality pillow in a cheap way. Thank you so much GOD Bless.

  15. GiGi says

    The other patterns I found were very complicated. This one seems easy. Can’t wait to get it made for my first grandchild…Thanks so much.

  16. Cindy Allen says

    I love the pattern for the covers! Maybe them for a friend who is having her first baby. Did 4 of them in a day. Your instructions are great, and I loved that you showed and told how to do the zipper. I love them, and hope she does too. Great idea for a baby gift.

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