Poppy Pillow Form

Finally! Sew your own C-shaped baby pillow for a fraction of the cost, using Made By Marzipan’s free Poppy Pillow pattern. And check out the tutorial for sewing Poppy Pillow Slipcovers that fit this pillow AND the name-brand Boppy!

How to:

Begin by printing the free Poppy Pillow Form pattern. (Margins are already included, so do not scale.)

Cut out along the black line and tape together. Pieces A & B will be on top, with C & D on the bottom.

You’ll need 2/3 yard of cotton fabric. I chose plain white since I’ll be making a slipcover, but you could also choose a patterned fabric. Be certain to pre-wash and dry your fabric to prevent shrinking.

Fold the fabric in half and place the straight edge of the pattern on the fold. Pin in place and cut out. Repeat for the back piece.

Lay both pieces right sides together and pin. Sew together with a 1/2 inch seam, but leave a 5-inch hole along the top edge for stuffing.

Notch and clip the curves, being careful not to snip your stitches. Turn right side out and press.

Stuff the pillow with polyfill stuffing. You want this pillow to be very firm, so stuff it as full as possible. If you can still slide your hand inside the pillow, it needs more filling. This particular bag of polyfill was 50 ounces, and I used about 2/3 of it. So, you’ll need approximately 33 ounces of stuffing.

When you’re finished, the fabric should be stretched taut. Once the pillow is stuffed, pinch the opening shut and hand-sew with a blind or ladder stitch.

Check out this tutorial for sewing a Poppy Pillow Slipcover!

Please note that this pillow is intended for infant support and feeding. Baby should never sleep on a pillow. Always supervise baby when using this pillow.

Made By Marzipan is in no way affiliated with The Boppy Company.

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27 thoughts on “Poppy Pillow Form

  1. Anonymous says

    Thank you for this! god bless you

    • Tonetta says

      Thank you for the poppy pillow form. It is so kind of you to make it available to everyone for free. May God richly bless you.

  2. SewLovely says

    Thank you for this great tutorial/pattern. This was easy to follow and it only took me about an hour. I bought a 5 pound box of stuffing on sale and some fabric from the remnant section at Joann’s. This pillow only cost me about $6 to make!

    My husband was so impressed! :) Next project: the slipcover.

  3. Rosemary says

    I am a 62 yr.old first time grandmother and have not sewn for about 40 yrs. Your poppy pillow was a great ” back in the saddle ” project. Easy and quick. Most of all I appreciated the FREE pattern. Keep the tutorials coming. I am addicted!

  4. Aya Omar says

    Is the size in the pdf file actually true or i have to multiply it ???

    • says

      It’s full sized. Just be sure that when you print, your printer settings are set to “no margins” and “no scaling.”

  5. Michele Platt says

    Marzi, my daughter utilized your pattern to make 20 pillows for her Girl Scout project to donate to local hospital Neonatal ICU. A part of her project includes a form letter describing her project. We don’t want to infringe upon copyright. Could she utilize your name of “Poppies for Babies” and cite your website as source of pattern?

    • says

      Your daughter is AWESOME. I love it when my projects are made for charity!

  6. T. Bui says

    I wish I had seen that you listed the required yardage twice. I think 1 yd 1/3 be less confusing. You guess it that I only got 2/3 of a yard, right? lol.
    Looking forward to putting it all together.
    Thank you for the pattern and the tute.
    T. Bui

  7. Marquita says

    Thank you so much for the free Poppy pillow pattern! My God continue to Bless you.

  8. Debbie says

    thank you so much marzi for the wonderful pattern. Wondering if making it out of Paul material and then the cover out of another material would work okay? has anyone tried this yet? Thank you again Marzi; you are so very talented!!!

  9. Cheryl says

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. I am so happy I finished one tonight for my grand baby who will be born in May. This came out perfect. Thank you for sharing and giving. God bless as you continue your work.

    • says

      I’m so glad! Thanks for stopping by!



    • Veronica H. says

      These Boppy pillows work just fine as neck pillows. very comfortable. i say the are the pillow that hugs you back. My moms friend gave me hers and i love it I’ve made four more thanks to Marzipan, but to say that i don’t love them would be a mistake.

    • says

      I’m so glad they work well for you!

  11. Maria Gurdak says

    Thank you so much for the wonderful patterns. God bless you always. You are very nice to share your patterns.

  12. Thank You so much for this cute pattern. I can’t wait to make it for my 1st Grandchild. :)

    • diane says

      Cant wait to make this.. I am such a newbie I am not even sure of the paper size to print it.. Help it is for my first grandson.

    • says

      You just print on standard paper, be sure to have margins and scaling unchecked.

  13. Miranda says

    My daughter had the trademarked pillow on her new baby registry, and I knew I could make one for much less. I was so happy to find your free patterns for it and the pillow cover! I used just over 3 lbs of fiberfill in mine. Stuffing it just right took some time, but overall, it was a quick, easy project. I’m really pleased with the results. Thanks so much, Marzi!

  14. TripletMommy says

    As a first time mom of triplets I try to save every way I can. This pattern and tutorial has been a huge blessing, times three. Thank you so much.

  15. caitlin says

    I only have the slipcover pattern printed. Can I use the same pattern for both the pillow and the slipcover? How much more room around the edges does the slipcover pattern need?

  16. thanks for this share

  17. Sheila says

    Thank You! It was very nice of you to share these patterns and you described it all so well.

  18. adrian's mommy says

    thank you very much for the free pattern, may you be blessed!

  19. Lehighlady says

    Thank you for giving us all this pattern! They are wonderful to use with newborns and nursing moms! God bless you.

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