Pacifier Clippy

These pacifier clippies are essential if your baby uses a binky!  Prevents pacifiers from getting lost or dirty.

How to:

Select ribbon that is 1-2 inches wide, and cut to a 12 inch length. (This can be adjusted to a shorter length for newborns; try 8 inches.)

 Use a lighter to melt ends slightly to prevent unraveling. Always be cautious around fire.

You’ll need one suspender clip. They can be found in the sewing notions department. A mitten clip will also work, these are found in the children’s section by the winter gloves and hats.

Loop one end of the ribbon through the clip and fold over.

Use a zig-zag stitch to secure the clip. Backstitch several times for reinforcement.

Add Velcro to the other end of the ribbon. Pin in place and sew.

Place the other piece of Velcro on top o the first. Fold the end of the ribbon over about 2 inches. This creates the loop for the pacifie

Unfold, leaving the unsewn Velcro in place. Pin and sew.

Thread the Velcro end of the ribbon through the pacifier loop and press Velcro together. Clip the other end to baby’s shirt.

Always supervise baby while using this item.

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15 thoughts on “Pacifier Clippy

  1. Ethel says

    I love this pattern for using a suspender clip for the binky thanks

    • Paulina says

      This weisbte makes things hella easy.

  2. Terri says

    I am making these and the binky clip for all the young moms in our church. where was this one when I was a Mommy?

  3. Jenn Candler says

    Where can I buy a single suspender clip? Do I have to buy them on something else and cut them off?

    • says

      Jenn, you can buy them in the sewing section. I bought mine at Wal-Mart. They come in packs of two. Mitten clips also work.

    • Susan C. says

      Try the crafts sections of JoAnn’s Fabric Stores or online.

  4. Emma Barton says

    i love this! going to make it for my granbabies for Christmas this year! their moms will LOVE this too! using orange and white checkered and army print!

  5. Emma Barton says

    i got my clips, and yes they were mitten clips, at Joann’s for about $3 a pack. it’s a pair to a pack, but you can chose from either 2 silver or 2 gold colored ones.

  6. Dawn Arndt says

    Awesome idea! And such a simple way to make them! Thanks I love your tutorials!

  7. Diana says

    Could you please tell me where to purchase the suspender clip?

    • says

      Diana, I bought them in the sewing section of Wal-Mart, by the buttons. Mitten clips work too, you might find them on clearance in the children’s outerwear section at this time of year :)

  8. Nancy says

    I love these not only for pacifiers but also for toys so they don’t drop them on the floor and make them bigger for bottles and sippy cups too.

  9. Jan Sheldon says

    Do you know if people wash these, if they have a problem with the velcro coming unstuck? Just wondered.

    • says

      I’ve had self-ahdesive Velcro lose some of its stick, but if you choose the sew-on Velcro it won’t go anywhere :)

  10. Susan says

    This is great! Those are expensive to buy. But you don’t need to melt the ends. Touch freshly cut ends of ribbons with clear fingernail polish, let dry. It works so well and is so easy.

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