Old Crib, New Storage

Don’t throw out that old crib! Turn it into an organizing rack for your sewing or crafting supplies.

How to:

Disassemble crib. If the crib has a plastic teething rail, pry it off gently by sliding a flathead screwdriver beneath it and popping it off.

Measure and mark where you’d like your nails to be. Consider which objects you’ll be hanging and make sure you leave enough space between the nails for them.

I decided to use mine primarily for thread storage, so I used my largest spools of thread to determine the spacing. *Note: I only measured for the first row. I just lined up the following rows with the nails in the first row.

Hammer the nails in place. Hammer them at an angle so the hanging objects won’t accidentally slide off. Note: if your crib has round dowels instead of flat slats, you may find it easier to pre-drill the holes and use screws instead of nails.

I hung on the wall with four drywall screws placed beneath the first and last rows to hang it on the wall.

Shoe Storage

What to do with the other long crib railing? Lean it on the wall for shoe storage! You could also hang scarves, neckties, or even towels in the bathroom.

Check out the Bedside Book Caddy tutorial for more organization inspiration!

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6 thoughts on “Old Crib, New Storage

  1. Linda says

    My Mom had a crib in the basement that had a rail broken I kept it because it had Pretty rails. I had my husband cut off the Broken rail and did the other side as well. He then he put hinges so that it was like a room divider. I used it also at a quilt sale to hold pot holders, I can use it to keep the dog out of a room if needed.

  2. I love these ideas. They will go great with my new sewing area that I decorating.. Thank you for putting this on here and giving us these ideas!

  3. Merri says

    Thank you for sharing your organizing ideas, I love organizing stuff! :)
    I’ve actually tried your idea with the picture frame, seen it on you tube.
    Mine turned out a bit different, first I made the bigger one for spools and it came a bit funny, but then I learned from my mistakes and made another one, smaller and for bobbin pins, and then one turned out real nice. :) Where can I post a pic for you to see it? :)

    • says

      At the bottom of every post is a “Made By You” box, just click on it to add your photos :)

  4. susan griffin says

    Love all the idea s

  5. barry says

    How about in the garage for sockets and tools !!?

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