Mom’s Envelope Album

This little gift album doesn’t cost much to make, and costs even less to ship.

How to:

Start by measuring your envelopes. You’ll determine the size of your album by adding a quarter inch to those measurements.

Cut two pieces of chipboard for your album covers. Cut them a quarter inch larger than your envelopes.

Now cut your sheet of cardstock into strips that are the same height as your chipboard.

Then score and fold to make the pages the same width as your chipboard. Fold the paper back on itself, line up the edges, and fold again to make the next page. Repeat these steps with two more strips. Cut off any excess paper.

Create your album by putting adhesive on one of the end pages. Layer an end page from another strip on top of it. Repeat with the third strip. Now you have a  little accordion album.

Add the chipboard covers to the first and last pages.

Add a few mini envelopes.

You can create some mini cards by cutting strips of cardstock and folding them in half. If you’d like, you can use a shape punch to make a window on the front of the card.

Adhere mini cards to different pages. Vary the direction of the card’s opening to add interest.

Now cut apart your sheet of journal cards. Cosmo Cricket and Scenic Route are another couple of manufacturers that offer these types of sheets.

Add cards to the remaining pages. Don’t forget to put some in your envelopes. You can cut out some of the shapes and put glue on the top half, then press it to the flap of the envelope.

Crop photos for your album. To get perfect placement behind the window of your cards, position it on the inside of the card’s flap and press in place.

Add a couple of buttons for embellishment. I like to use buttons in these projects because they’re inexpensive, come in every color, and you probably already have some lying around.

Finally, add the journaling to your album.

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3 thoughts on “Mom’s Envelope Album

  1. Lois says

    Awesome mini album! Did you get all of the supplies at Porters? Do they have the mini envelopes? You are so dang talented!

    • says

      They do have the mini envelopes at Porter’s… they are in their $1 section in the scrap dept. and you get 6 of them with cards for a buck!

      Or you could just buy the kit from the Rexburg store :)

  2. Leslie says

    This is a fabulous idea! Yours turned out so cute. Good job!!

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