Fabric Dollhouse

These cute dollhouses are popping up everywhere, but this tutorial offers the simplest technique, plus a free pattern and video tutorial. Bonus furniture templates for “Marzi’s Mobile Home,” too! 

How to:

Begin by ironing your fabrics. Then cut two pieces of batting, and two different patterned fabrics, to 21×9 inches. You’ll also cut two more pieces of batting and the two different fabrics to 12×8 inches.

Now use a fabric adhesive spray on the backs of the four pieces of fabric you just cut. I suggest laying down a piece of wrapping paper to protect your work area. Then you’ll press the coordinating batting onto the back of each. Alternately, you could use iron-on fusible webbing, but adhesive spray is easier.

Now we’ll cut the roof pieces. I like the look of felt for this, but you could also use cotton or flannel if you prefer. Cut two rectangles to 9×3 1/2 inches.

Next you’ll pin the roof pieces on the big piece of fabric you’d like to be the outside of your house. Measure 3 inches from the end of the fabric, and pin in place. Do the same at the other end. You’ll be sewing these only on the side closest to the end of your large fabric. Sew with a quarter inch seam.

Time to make the handle. I used the same fabric i chose for the interior of my house. Cut two strips that are 9 by 2 1/2 inches. Fold in half, and sew on the open edge with a  quarter inch seam. Press the seam open then turn right side out. Repeat for the other strip. Press the strips.

To form the handle, fold each end downward. The open center should measure about three inches  across. To make sure your handles are identical, form the second handle by laying the strip on top of the first handle. Match up the edges and pin the second handle.

Topstitch around the perimeter of the handle with a quarter inch seam. Do this for the second handle as well. Center a handle on each roof piece, with the end of the handle pointing towards the edge.  Pin in place.

Print out the free template for the house’s endpiece. You’ll cut out four total, using the 12 by 8 fabric rectangles you cut earlier. Now place one endpiece of the inner fabric to one endpiece of the outer fabric, right sides together. Pin in place.

Sew with a quarter inch seam, along the long side, the two slanted sides, and the other long side. Leave the short bottom side open. Turn right side out. Use the handle end of a paintbrush, or another gentle tool, to poke out the corners. Iron flat.

Cut a piece of plastic mesh to fit into your house. It will need to be cut slightly smaller than the endpiece. Cut off about a half inch extra at the bottom, as you will be sewing a seam there later.

Pin the endpiece, pointing inward, to the bottom center of your fabric. The middle should be at 7 inches.  Next we’ll add four hair elastics as closures. Pin one in the center bottom of each roof piece, and one on each side of the house, centered.

It’s time to sew our fabrics together. Layer the interior fabric piece on top of the exterior, right sides together, and pin. You will be sewing along the short side, the bottom, and the other short side. You will NOT sew the top long side.

Remove the pins and turn right side out. Make sure the elastic is sewn well. Press the fabric flat.

Now we’ll sew seams to make pockets for the mesh walls. Toptsitch along the edge of each roof piece.

Next fold up the endpiece and sew beside either side of it. If you’re worried you won’t be able to sew straight the whole way, you can measure and use pins to guide you. But I’m gonna wing it. Sew down the length of the fabric, stopping about a quarter inch away from the raw open end.

Then, cut rectangles of mesh to fit inside each pocket you created. Remember, we need to sew the open end shut later, so cut the mesh a half inch short.

Turn the edge of the open end under on both sides. Press.

Insert the other endpiece, complete with mesh, into the center panel. Pin in place. Tuck in four more elastics, opposite the sewn ones. Then sew the long side shut, close to the edge.

Now we’ll add the button closures. Stretch the elastic until it reaches the center, and make a dot where the button should go. You’ll be sewing four buttons total. Remember, if you are using a button without a shank, you’ll need to add some stitches before sewing the button so that the elastic will fit behind the button.

You can print off my furniture template, or design your own. Attach using fusible webbing or hot glue.

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6 thoughts on “Fabric Dollhouse

  1. Leisel says

    Thank you!!! I’m in the middle of trying to create one of these and the other written tutorial just has me confused! I think I’ll be able to finish it now…and maybe even make another one sometime :)

  2. Julie says

    Thank you for a very easy to follow set of instructions. I like the way you apply the batting as opposed to trying to wrap the plastic canvas! I will have to try my hand at your version.

    • says

      Thanks! Feel free to share pictures of your finished project right here :)

  3. wendy says

    Could you please tell me what the size of the template is the for house ends for the mobile dolls house please. I see the print out template but my computer only prints out a little size which does not seem right. Could someone please tell me the cut out size for the fabric to make the 2 side ends of the house.
    Thank you for any help with this
    Wendy , Australia.

  4. Ally says

    Oh By the way Marzi, I am confused because it’s really hard to find the plastic mesh though but I’ll try to… Thank You again Marzi! Love,Ally ( • – • )

  5. Ally says

    I will try to make this… it seems a little hard but maybe i could try this sometime… Thank You Marzi!

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