Lucky Me Wreath

Clothespins hold photographs of the people and things that make you happy.

How to:

   Begin by cutting a long segment of fabric, about 3 inches wide.. Wrap the around the wreath form, overlapping the edges slightly so the foam doesn’t show. Secure with hot glue.

   Now we’ll make the burlap roses. Cut a segment of ribbon that’s 2 feet, and a second one that’s 1 foot long. Twist the burlap ribbon, then begin to coil it into a circle. Secure the end with hot glue, then add to your wreath. Add the second rose right next to the first. (Need help? Watch this video to see how to make a rose.)

   Next add the clothespins with hot glue. The roses should be in the bottom left. Add a clothespin at the bottom center, next to the roses. Add one at top center. Then left center and right center. Add the remaining three clothespins spaced evenly between the others.

   Use double-sided adhesive to add colored paper strips to the top of the clothespins.

   Cut a circle out of the green cardstock that’s large enough to cover the hole on the back of the wreath. Hot glue in place on the back of the wreath.

   Add a die-cut glitter shamrock to the center of the wreath with double-sided adhesive.

   Use a shorter strip of fabric to make a loop on the back of your wreath at top. Hot glue both ends onto the back of the wreath.

   Tie a bow on the loop with another segment of fabric.

   Add photos of things you love. Aren’t you lucky?!

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