Heart Quilt Pattern

Stitch up a quick and colorful heart quilt with this free pattern!


At 27 ½ inches square, this is a rather large quilt block, so it can be used as the center panel of a quilt, or you can sew several together. Alternately, you can easily size it down by cutting the squares smaller.

For quicker cutting, I recommend using a rotary cutter and cutting mat.

Click here to download and print the free pattern from FatQuarterShop.com.

How to:

Begin by cutting 30 patterned squares that are 5×5 inches. (I’m choosing to keep my patterns monochromatic in each heart, with each completed heart block a different hue.)

Next cut 16 solid background squares that are 5×5 inches. I’m opting for white.

To construct the heart, 10 of these solid background squares will be turned into half-square triangles. You can measure and draw a diagonal seam guide on the back of these squares, but I find it’s faster to just fold the square on the diagonal and press. It doesn’t matter which side you press on, just make sure all the edges are aligned. Press 10 of the solid background squares.

Now lay out your squares out as shown on the printed instructions. We’ll start sewing top left, on Row 1.

Layer a patterned square face-down on a pressed background block. Right sides should be together. Flip over the fabric so you can see the the pressed line. Sew on top of this line from point to point.

Fold back the patterned fabric and press, creating a half-square triangle. If you’d like, you can trim the layer of patterned fabric underneath, a ¼ inch away from the seam, to reduce bulk. Or you can leave the fabric doubled if you’re sewing with a thin fabric like cotton.

Sew the next patterned square to the first, along the right edge, using a ¼ inch seam. Open and press.

Repeat the previous steps to create the next two half-square triangle pieces. Continue to follow the printed diagram.

Rows 2 and 3 are simply strips of 6 patterned squares sewn together.

Follow the diagram to complete rows 4 through 6.

Once all of the rows are completed, you can sew them together. First lay out all the rows. Then fold down Row 1 on top of Row 2, right sides together. Align and pin at seams. Sew along the long top edge with a ¼ inch seam. Press from both sides.

I’ll probably attach 12 of these blocks with white sashing, then add a rainbow border to finish the quilt.

If you sew one of these blocks, feel free to upload a photo in the “Made By You” section below. Thanks again to FatQuarterShop.com for sharing their pattern!

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