Hanging Jar Organizer

You can create inexpensive hanging storage for your bathroom or craft room.

How to:

You’re going to need a piece of wood to hang the jars on. Just about any board will do, so see what you have in your garage. I had these old shutters in the scrap pile, and it will save me from having to paint. If you don’t have any wood on hand, you can buy it at a Home Improvement store. Or you can find them pre-cut at craft stores, like these boards from Michael’s.

If you’re using raw wood, paint it using acrylic craft paint or spray paint. If you’re using reclaimed wood, you can sand the edges for a distressed look. I found some blue and green paint under this shutter.

You’ll also need some Mason jars with lids. I’m using five pint-sized jars, but you may want to adjust that number to fit the length of your board. An odd number of jars looks best.  I’m using some clear jars, as well as some blue jars I dyed myself. You can find instructions for staining jars in part 1 of my Upcycled Jar Series.

You’ll need to purchase one metal clamp for each jar. I bought these at Ace Hardware by the dryer supplies. They are adjustable, so they would fit pint or quart jars.

Use a screwdriver to tighten the clamps so they are just large enough for you to slide the jar in and out.  Use an electric drill to make a hole on the back center of the clamp.

Drill a hole in the center of your board, then attach the clamp to the board with a screw.  Add a jar and tighten the clamp snugly around it. Add the other jars in the same manner.

I like the look of the jar ring, so I’m putting them back on my jars without the lid so that it’s easy to get items in and out.

Finally, add picture hanging hardware to the back of your board it can be hung on the wall. Now you can stay organized in shabby chic style!

Check out this tutorial for a Craft Supply Board for more organization inspiration!

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2 thoughts on “Hanging Jar Organizer

  1. Bridget says

    What a lovely idea! I hope to cpoy it sometimes.

  2. Andi says

    How lovely! My grandfather used old jars in his workshop. He attached the lids to the bottom of an upper cabinet with wood screw, then put various nuts, bolts, screws, nails, etc. by size. Then he just unscrewed the jar to get them out, and screwed it back in to put them away. It also kept the sharp and small objects away from us when we were little and playing nearby.

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