Gingerbread Man Bunting

A jumbo Gingerbread Man Bunting is a fun and festive project to make with the kids.


1) For this craft project, you’ll need a roll of brown kraft paper. Depending on where you’re shopping, you can either find this by the wrapping paper, or by mailing supplies like envelopes and packing tape.

How to:

 Click here to download the free Gingerbread Man template. Print, then cut out along the solid line.

We’ll be cutting out these Gingerbread men as though they’re a string of paper dolls. Begin by folding the kraft paper once, making the paper a little smaller than the template.

The dotted lines on the Gingerbread Man’s hands and feet should align with the edge of the paper; so the tips of his hands and feet will hang off the edge. These are the points where the gingerbread men will be connected, so they won’t be cut.

Trace around the template. (I’m choosing to cut out two, because I’ll be making a front and back later.)

Now fold the paper repeatedly with accordion folds. To do this, flip over the paper and fold backwards, aligning the crease with the edge of the paper. Flip the paper over again to fold in the opposite direction.

The more folds you make, the longer your bunting will be. Do your best to keep the folds neat and aligned.

Cut out the gingerbread men, remembering that you don’t want to sever the point where the hands and feet are connected.


Now it’s time to decorate! Kids will love giving each gingerbread man his own personality. I had a hard time deciding which pens or markers to use, so I raided my Sakura stash and used them all! 


On regular paper and card stock, the ink from these pens puffs up a bit as it dries. However, the kraft paper is pretty absorbent, so it soaked up the ink instead. Still, I like the milky, pastel finish, it reminds me of whitewash paint.

Gelly Roll Stardust®

Next up: Gelly Roll Stardust® pens. These pens have glitter in the ink for a bit of sparkle. Perfect for this gingerbread girl!

Gelly Roll Moonlight®

Gelly Roll Moonlight® pens are specially made to show up on dark surfaces, making them ideal for use on kraft paper. The ink show up beautifully, and kids will love the bright neon colors.

Permapaque® Marker, Dual-Point

I’m also trying out Sakura’s Permapaque® pens. These pens have a paint-like finish, and the Dual tips mean it’s easy to do detail work, or color large areas.

Pigma Microperm®

Finally, Sakura’s Microperm® pen is perfect for outlining. A fine tip gives you control in small areas, and the ink won’t bleed, even on this absorbent paper.

Make it Dimensional

If you’d like your bunting to stand out more, you can make it 3-dimensional by stuffing it.

To make your bunting dimensional, glue a ribbon segment to the underside of the free hand of the first and last gingerbread man. (This will make it easier to hang.)

Cut out a second string of gingerbread men the same length as the first.

Use a hot glue gun to adhere the backing to the first gingerbread man. Glue around the outer edges only, avoiding the center. Leave an opening along the middle of one side.

Stuff with shredded newspaper or quilt batting.

Glue the hole shut, and repeat for the rest of the gingerbread men.

Remember, glue guns are hot enough to cause serious burns, so have an adult do this part.

However you decide to decorate your Gingerbread Man Bunting, it will look adorable hanging in your home

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