Feathered Wreath

This feathery Halloween wreath has an understated spooky sophistication.  


Select pipe cleaners that are the same color as the boa. This allows you to attach items.

How to:

Begin by coiling the boa around the wreath frame.  Secure with pipe cleaner segments at regular intervals.

Hot glue the loose black feathers around the interior edge of the wreath.

Add the berry springs to the lower bottom side.  Secure with pipe cleaners.

Attach the crow with pipe cleaners.

Hot glue picture frames around the wreath.  Mine contain pictures of my children in their Halloween costumes.

Tie a bow with the ribbon and attach by berry sprigs.

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2 thoughts on “Feathered Wreath

  1. Devora4 says

    Clever wreath. You ought to send a pic to Martha Stewart. she usually runs contests and that should win.

  2. Leslie says


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