Capture all the beauty of stained glass with these easy suncatchers. Use Sakura Souffle pens to mimic lead panes, and Sakura Glaze pens for translucent color.

How to:

Print a picture to use as your template. There are hundreds of free stained glass patterns online.

Tape the picture to the underside of the plastic to prevent shifting. Now trace the outline of the picture using Sakura’s gray Souffle pen. This pen works well because the ink rises slightly as it dries, creating ridges that mimic lead. (You’ll notice that the pens have a little piece of plastic on the tip. Remove and discard it the first time you use the pens.)

What if you make a mistake? Let the ink dry, then gently scratch off with your fingernail, and draw the line again.

The ink in these pens is a lot like paint. To apply more color, don’t bear down harder. Rather, move the pen more slowly to deposit the ink. The ink lightens in color as it dries. Make sure it’s dry before moving on to the glaze.

Now add color with the Glaze pens. I found that it works well to outline the inside of the shape, then fill it in with color. If you leave the template taped in place, it’s easier to see if you’ve missed a spot. For best results, allow the area to dry, then come back and add a second coat for a uniform, vibrant finish.

Add more color to your picture. You’ll find that the raised edges of the Souffle ink create a nice border so that your Glaze colors don’t smear or blend.

Once the ink is dry, you remove the paper template. Cut out your shapes. Use a small hole punch to make holes for hanging. Tie the shapes together with baker’s twine or ribbon.

Hang from the window, using either a thumbtack or a magnet, depending on your window frame.

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9 thoughts on “Suncatchers

  1. Anne-Katherine says

    This was so pretty :)

  2. neddie58 says

    very cool

  3. MeriiKiyo says

    Soda bottle plastic just won’t seem to flatten out. I’ve been pressing it under a heavy box for a week!

    • says

      Try heating the plastic with a blow dryer to soften before you place something heavy on it.

  4. o0ohowwowo0o says

    wow this is the first time i see your face , you’r so prettyFul

  5. MyPinkRainbow says

    love these pens , do you think that they would work on the shrinky dink plastic stuff , ?? i have a bunch of the shrinky dink plastic and using a regular marker and stuff is not really pretty at all and would love to be able to make something cool with it i can send you some sheets if you wish to try it out .. thanks girl you are awesome

    • says

      That’s a very good question. I know it would work fine to color them after they’ve been shrunk, but I don’t know how they’d work if you colored before baking. I have some shrinky dink sheets and will experiment!

  6. Geralyn haggerty says

    What is the proper width of clear plastic for the suncachers….007. Or .020.
    Thank you. I love them..

    • says

      Thicker is better for this project :)

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