Egg Carton Sewing Kit

You can make an inexpensive sewing kit from an egg carton! Give it as a gift, or use it to organize your own sewing supplies.

How to:

Begin by painting an empty egg carton with acrylic paint. A foam brush works best for getting into the crevices. Remember to paint the inside and bottom as well.

Once that’s dry, brush a few streaks of paint in a contrasting color. Focus mostly on the edges and raised areas.

I’m going to add just a tiny bit of pink to add more depth.

Once your egg carton is dry, you can decorate it. Use a scrap of decorative paper on the front. I chose one that resembles fabric. Cut the edges with decorative scissors, or use a paper punch to give it a decorative edge. Scallops mimic eyelet fabric, while zig-zag scissors mimic pinking shears.

Next add some ribbon. I had some ribbon in my stash that resembles measuring tape. Use double sided adhesive to attach the ribbon around the side of the carton.

Now add some chipboard letters to the paper. Adhere with glue dots.

Raid your sewing stash for images to decorate your carton. Check sewing patterns and packaging for interesting graphics or text. You can use Distress ink to age a new item and make it look older.

Thread some buttons and tie off in back. Adhere with glue dots.

Tie ribbon or ric-rac around the lid vents.

Use a fine-tip marker to add a decorative stitched border. You can embellish the chipboard letters with drawn stitches as well.

Don’t forget to decorate the inside of the lid. You can cut packing in the shape of speech bubbles to add interest to the text.

Add a paper border around the inside lid of the box.

This handy little sewing kit fits easily in a drawer, or you can stack several on a shelf. If you’d like to learn how to make the egg-shaped pincushions shown in my carton, you can find a tutorial and pattern here.

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