Dream in Color Canvas

Create a personalized piece of art using watercolors, a canvas, and stickers.


For this project, I’ve chosen to use Koi Water Colors™. This little pocket field box is perfect, because it has everything you need in one compact box, including a palette and water brush. These aren’t your preschooler’s water colors. They’re rich and vibrant, and there are 24 beautiful shades.

You’ll want to use a good brush for this project so that your paint will blend softly. The water brush that comes with the Koi™ kit is a good choice.

I’ve chosen a small, thick canvas for this project. I can either hang it on the wall, or it can stand on a shelf.

Most stickers will work for this project. Just don’t choose stickers made from non-glossy cardstock, because the paint could seep through. Select a text size that is a good fit for your canvas. Be sure you have enough of the correct letters to spell out the message you want.

How to:

Place the stickers on the canvas, lightly at first so you can reposition them as needed. I chose to align my words on the right.

I’m also using some butterfly stickers. These cost only a dollar. When choosing shape stickers, make sure that they don’t have a large border. If they do, trim off the excess close to the shape so that it’s easy to recognize from the silhouette.

Once you’ve added the stickers and are happy with the placement, rub them firmly, especially around the edges. You want them sealed to the canvas so the paint won’t get through.

Now comes the fun part! There’s no wrong way to do this,  just paint splashes of color all over the canvas. Don’t forget to paint the sides of the canvas as well. For added interest, you can vary the intensity of the color depending on how much water you add.

Add color inside the negative space of your letters. Don’t worry if you get paint on the stickers, it won’t matter. Use a jar of water or the sponge to rinse your brush between colors.

Let the paint dry completely, watercolors dry quickly so you won’t have to wait long. Peel off the stickers to reveal the contrast of white space beneath.

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2 thoughts on “Dream in Color Canvas

  1. Anonymous says

    This is a fun idea. It’s a project that I would enjoy doing with my nieces.

  2. heather says

    I love this idea! I recently bought multiple canvas at Michael on sale and had only one project in mind at the time. Question: I love all the products you use but I cannot find them locally. Is there a website?

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