DIY Spoon Roses

If you’re looking for a trendy accessory that’s truly original, try your hand at making these pretty Spoon Roses.


 Please remember, any project that involves fire isn’t a good project for kids. Use caution when melting, and work in a well-ventilated area.

You can use plastic party spoons in any color for this project.

How to:

We’ll start by making the rolled center of our rose. Light the candle. Heat the inside bowl of the spoon until it begins to soften and warp. (The length of time this will take will depend on the quality of the spoons you’re using. Heavyweight spoons will take a little longer to soften.)

Then, pinch the edges inward to form a bud shape. Then, heat the neck of the spoon to soften, and snip off the handle close to the bowl, using a pair of craft scissors.

Now we’ll make some petals. For the petals, heat the underside of the spoon. Once it starts to melt, roll the tip of the spoon backwards. Ideally, you want the plastic to be warm enough to manipulate, but not hot enough to burn your hands. If the heat of is uncomfortable for you, you can wear a pair of stretchy winter gloves while doing this.

 Warm the neck of the spoon and snip off the handle. Now we’ll join the petal to the bud. Pinch the two pieces together, and heat the bottom over the flame. As it melts, flatten the plastic into one piece with a pair of tweezers.

Continue adding petals. Every once in a while, warm the bottom of the rose and press it against a heat-proof surface, such as a ceramic plate or a piece of glass. Don’t feel discouraged if you mess up on a petal or two. If a spoon gets singed and turns brown, discard it. You’ll get the hang of it!

You can strengthen your rose by filling in small gaps with melted plastic. Heat a spoon handle, then press the end into the gap. Let cool slightly, then twist to break off.

It’s up to you to decide when your flower is finished, but I used 9 or 10 spoons on each of my roses. Hot glue a scrap of felt to the bottom of your rose. Now you can add a pin, hairclip, or a segment of ribbon to hang your rose from a necklace.

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43 thoughts on “DIY Spoon Roses

  1. Bety says

    You could use recycled plastic spoons. Could you heard what a huge “plastic island” drift on Pacific?

  2. Mary Ollikain says

    I also plan to add this to my handicrafts! Thanks so much!

  3. Yiling Liou says

    Very nice. I will definitely try it layer. Oh btw how about those spoons that look sliver but actually plastic. I will like to try to melt those as well.

  4. Shahira hossain says

    awsm…bravo..really jus liked ur concept…u r damn creative :D make more creative easy diy videos..

  5. Matea says

    OMG I LOOOOVE IT! Thank you soo much :*

  6. Lindsey says

    Such a cute idea! I’ve already got a few friends in mind that these would be perfect gifts for!

  7. primarfacie89 says

    This is so cute!! :)

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  10. omnia says

    Awesome :D

  11. kodie says

    thanks for the tutorial but i took your directions and made an iris somehow but its so pretty

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  13. morphowing says

    i finally got the hang of it, except one thing, how do you make the roses so open? when i do this the rose look closed and tight.

    • Sharon says

      I think you must not have made the petals as open as she did. When she made the petal, she appeared to pull it back from the bowl area more and that would make it a larger and more open flower.

  14. lenora says

    Incredible & unique! I can hardly wait to try this! :-D

  15. CzM0117 says

    Happy 100th video! ;)

  16. SDA4LIFE23 says

    wow! this is so cool. I can’t wait to try this out!

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  19. thatblacksheepy says

    i love your nail polish in this video!

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    I will totally try this!!!

  21. carolina says

    Great ideas

  22. anum says

    its owsum…really!!!

  23. kristel says

    wow! this is sooo cool! thanx for the video!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. yellajuju says

    soo cute! I used mine in my DIY snow globe for my bestie!

  25. Stephanie says

    My mom didn’t believe me lol. She kept askin me and I told her the same thing over and over again. I made some to match my uniform for when school starts. I made three baby blue and three black and three yellow. For me. I didn’t made navy blue because I couldn’t find the strong spoons that are navy blue. Thanks for showing me how to make it. Your awesome.

  26. John says

    wow, this is amazing!

  27. BoldCreations says

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    So cute.

  29. Sophie says

    That is os cool! I am definetly gonna make that!

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  31. kathy says

    Wanna try these so bad!!

  32. suetyee2000 says

    I had trouble attaching them so I used some hot glue though you anyone wants to try this, you might want to wear gloves because the glue will melt if you put it over candle to bond it together

  33. harkomaltoor says

    i love your nails!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. littleredwagonstudio says

    I just tried this project and it was alot of fun =] Thanks

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  36. undergroundklassick says

    this is cute .. tried it and it didn’t turn out the greatest, but with practice it will look a lot better .. just to add i find it very hard to attach the pieces together

  37. Aiblinn says

    Just tried this but I only had clear spoons. It turned out really cool :)

  38. dsl1dsl1 says

    i would melt the flowers to the handles and make a bouquet

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