Crepe Paper Tulips

You can make pretty paper tulips for spring!


I’m using crepe paper for this project, because it has a bit of stretch which is helpful when shaping the petals. I buy my crepe paper online for a couple of dollars a package. However, you can make do with tissue paper if you don’t have any crepe paper. You’ll need three different colors.

You’ll also need green floral tape. The shiny side is slightly sticky, and the tape adheres best as it is pulled tightly.

Finally, you’ll need floral wire. I’m cutting these in half to 12 inches long.

How to:

We’re going to cut rectangles from crepe paper that are about 3.5 inches wide and 4 inches tall. If you’re using crepe paper, the stretch should go width-wise. I’m cutting one from white for the center, one from navy blue for the stamen, and three from pink for the petals.

I’m making slits in the navy blue piece to form the stamen. Cut 5 or 6 slits, stopping 1 inch from the bottom.

Pinch the crepe paper at the base of a slit, then twist the segment of paper. Repeat with the remaining segments.

Next round off the top edge of the three petal pieces.

Pleat the bottom of the petals by accordion-folding the paper on top of itself. Crease from the bottom, stopping about halfway up the petal.

Finally, fold the center rectangle into a strip about ½ inch tall.

Make a small loop on the end of the floral wire. (This will prevent the petals from sliding down the wire.)

Place the loop in the middle of the folded center piece. Pinch the crepe paper center around the wire, and secure the ends by twisting floral tape around the crepe paper and wire stem.

Now I’m wrapping the navy blue stamen piece around the center piece. Secure with floral tape.

Space the three petal pieces evenly around the center piece. Pinch around the stem, then wrap with floral tape.

Now shape the petals by spreading out the pleats at the base of the petals. Smooth to form a cup shape. If your petals are crepe paper, gently pull on the upper sides of the petals to widen and shape them.

Finally, cut two rectangles that are about 2 inches wide by 8 inches long. Cut one end of each rectangle into a point to form leaves. Crease in half lengthwise.

Place the leaves on opposite sides of the stem, about ⅔ of the way down the wire. Pinch and wrap with tape. Continue wrapping the rest of the wire.

These are fast and easy to make, so why not give someone a bouquet?

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  1. UniquleU says

    Love this one! Right on time for a project I’m working on!!

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    Great idea would streamers work? 

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    What song is that? I love it!

  4. dhanvi says

    These are beautiful

  5. ShakespearesChin says

    Lovely idea.. I like this a lot :)

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