Coffee Filter Roses

You can create these gorgeous watercolored roses in any shade. Each one is made from four inexpensive coffee filters!


I first learned to make coffee filter roses from the Martha Stewart show. So while the idea came from Martha, I’ve adapted and simplified this project. For example, their pattern requires 8 filters per rose, while mine only needs 4.

How to:

First print out the free two-page Free pattern for Coffee Filter Roses. If you plan on making a lot of roses, I recommend mounting the shapes on posterboard or cardstock so they’re more durable.

Cut out the shapes and lay them out on four coffee filters as shown on the template. Trace around the petal shapes. You might want to number them… add the numbers down towards the base of the petal so they won’t show.

I like to cut four filters at once to save time. Be certain that all of your filters are facing the right direction. I like to put my cut pieces in numbered cups for easy assembly. You could also use plastic baggies. I also like to pre-cut about 7 pieces of floral tape, each about 2.5 inches long.

Now it’s time to assemble our rose. Start with Piece #1. Poke a wire down between the right-hand petals. When you have about 5 inches of wire poking out the top, loop the wire tip around and poke it back down through the bottom. Pinch the loop slightly and tug down. This loop will keep the petals from sliding up and down the stem.

Fold the petal inward and roll to coil around the wire. Then wrap the end of the wire loop around the base of the petal to secure.

 Piece #2 is added like the first. Poke the wire down between the right petals. Arrange the petal so that it fills in empty spaces between the first petal. Roll and secure with a piece of floral tape. When applying the tape, pull and stretch it to get a good, tight hold around the base.

 Piece #3 is added just like #2.

 Piece #4 needs to be separated first. Gently tear along the bottom of the petal to make a flat strip. Then wrap this around the rose and secure with tape.

Next get two #5 pieces and two #6 pieces (since these pieces weren’t cut on the fold, you’ll have double the amount of the previous pieces). Fan out the four pieces like you would a hand of cards. Place the rose in the center and wrap the petals around the rose. Secure the base with tape.

Repeat with two #7 pieces and two #8 pieces.

If you’d like, you can wrap the entire stem in tape for a more realistic look.

Starting with the outer petals, fan out the petals, bending gently backward from the base.

Painting Your Roses

Now comes the really fun part: painting your roses! I recommend using Sakura’s Koi watercolors that come in tubes. Your base color will need to be really watered down, and tube watercolors allow you to get the perfect consistency.

Blend a dollop of color with about a tablespoon of water. Paint the petals, starting from the center and working outward.

Add a second color while the rose is still wet. This color needs to be more concentrated than the first, so add water with a brush rather than pouring it. Run the tip of the brush along the edge of each petal to deposit the color.

Have fun experimenting with different color combinations. Here’s another tip: I found it’s really fast to simply dip the whole rose in the base color… it takes more paint, but less time.

Allow the roses to dry for about three hours. It’s best to hang these to dry so the petals have good form. You can bend the wire over a towel rack. If you’re in a hurry, you can use a blowdryer set on low.

Once your rose is dry, you’ll need to shape the petals a bit. Place a skewer behind each petal and roll backward to curl.

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27 thoughts on “Coffee Filter Roses

  1. Mary Ollikain says

    I plan to start making these roses. Instructions seem to be simple and well spoken. Thank-you very much for an addition to my handicrafts!

  2. effie924 says

    this is just awesome! 

  3. spiritbear12 says

    I would dye the coffee filters first, let them dry and then draw the petals on then, cut them out…etc etc.

    • Anonymous says

      gud idea

  4. mary says


  5. digupstuff says

    WOW! Those look so real too! Thanks babe! <3

  6. Janet says

    Thank you so much! You make it very simple to accomplish beautiful roses!

  7. nina says

    eu amei.obrigada pelo presente.

  8. ariel says

    I love this!!

  9. babygirlsusieq says

    So beautiful! Thanks for sharing !

  10. mary says

    These are ever so beautiful. Right now when I should be in bed, I am making the patterns and pasting them to poster board. I went to marzipan. and got the patterns. You have done a beautiful way of completing the rose. Bless you !

  11. Aurora6521 says

    As flores são lindas! Mas não gostei do vídeo falado em inglês. Acho que ele deveria ser traduzido, ou melhor, o passo a passo devia ser editado acompanhado pelas fotos. Mas de qualquer modo valeu!

  12. Leisel says

    Any other flower templates?

    • says

      Search for “Coffee Filter Poinsettias” and “Crepe Paper Tulips.” Happy crafting!

  13. Tania says


  14. Bevie says

    awesome can’t wait to make them!!

  15. ddnat763 says

    Great Tutorial!

  16. lauren says

    Can you use anything other than coffee filter paper?

    • says

      The coffee filters are made to get wet, and actually get stronger once they’ve been wet down and dried. Also, the template utilizes the folds and creases that are already on the filters. They’re very inexpensive, and can be found at almost any store :)

  17. craftymom7 says

    Thanks. These look soooo very real. I plan to try making them soon. Thx :)

  18. Lois says

    I watched your video on coffee filter roses. I loved it and would like to get the templates. I plan on getting together with a group of my friends to do some crafts and I know they would love to do these. They are so pretty.
    Thank you,

  19. Kipcia says

    I noticed you used coffee filters that are different than the regular ones? I printed out the template and had the coffee filters but the print design does not fit on my regular coffee filter. Why? Did you use a certain kind of coffee filters? I also noticed you didn’t instruct on how to fold the filter.

    • says

      I didn’t fold the filters, they came that way :)

  20. Zonda says

    !Hi Marzi, I found your tutorial on making coffee filer roses and want to thank you for your work and making them #1) use less filters and #2) making them look more natural. I’m helping my sister with her plans for her wedding and these are going to make the perfect arrangements. She’s doing shabby chic, so these are gong to work great!
    Love your name btw! =)

    • says

      I’m so glad you found it helpful!

  21. Gilbert says

    Great post!

  22. Maureen says

    Hi Marzi,

    I love this project. I love it so much I’m showcasing it on my “Mandala of the Day” blog site (giving you full credit and links to your site).

    Let me know if you need me to correct or edit anything I’ve written.

    joyfully, Maureen
    The Mandala Lady

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