Bathtime Apron

Baby’s bathtime can be a soggy business! If your little one likes to splash, you need MadeByMarzipan’s Bathtime Apron!

How to:

Begin by folding the bath towel in half width-wise so that it’s a short rectangle. The folded edge will become the bottom of the apron.

Lay a plate on the the top open corners on one side. Use it as a template to cut the underarm curves.

Then, fold the towel lengthwise, matching up the edges of the towel. Now the curve you just cut should be on top of the opposite corners. Use the curved edge as a guideline to cut the other side’s underarm curves. Doing it this way will make your apron more symmetrical.

If you happen to own a walking foot, it’s helpful to use when sewing through bulky fabrics like this terrycloth towel. You may also want to switch to a ball point needle if you have problems with the terry cloth snagging. Set your machine to an overcast or zig-zag stitch.

Sew over all 4 curved edges individually to prevent fraying in the wash.

Now we’ll make the neck strap. Fold a hand towel so that it is 4 inches wide, and cut. (In other words, you’ll have a strip that is 8 inches wide when it’s unfolded.)

Switch to a straight stitch, and sew this tube shut with a 1/2 inch seam. Turn right side out.

Pin one end of the handtowel tube to the underside of the towel’s top, overlapping by about an inch and a half. Sew the end of the tube to the towel, creating a square with an X through it for strength.

Now we’ll add a Velcro closure to the opposite end of the handtowel tube. This makes it easy to take the apron off without messing up your hair. Attach a wide piece of Velcro to the underside of the towel’s top.

Then, pin the coordinating piece of Velcro to the free end of the tube. Sew the Velcro pieces in place with a square and an X.

Now we’ll add the ribbon ties. Fold the towel in half again, matching up the curved corners. Cut a yard of ribbon in half.

Fold one end of a ribbon under an inch to prevent fraying. Tuck it between the layers of your towel, right below the underarm curve.

Sew the ribbon in place, then continue sewing down the length of the towel. Again, you are sewing the towel shut, starting below the underarm curve and ending when your reach the folded bottom of the towel.

Repeat the last 3 steps to attach the remaining ribbon to the other side.

When you wear the Bathtime Apron, the top naturally folds down, creating a convenient flap for drying your hands. The apron keeps you dry, and there’s no need to let go of baby to grab a towel. Have a toddler? His legs can fit inside the front pocket panel for snuggling. Cozy!

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  1. Susan C. says

    Make one in Dad’s colors for his First Father’s Day.

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