Baby SnUgg Boots

Now baby can be as stylish as Mom, with Baby SnUgg boots! Pattern is available in Made By Marzipan’s Etsy shop.

How to:

For this project, you’ll need bonded cuddle fabric.  It has imitation suede on one side, and imitation sheepskin on the other. This fabric is perfect for boots because it means we don’t have to line the shoe.  Begin by cutting off any selvege.

For the largest size of boots, You’ll need approximately 15 x 10 inches of fabric.  For each smaller size, you’ll need about 1/2 inch less on both length and height.  Print out the pattern.

Fold the fabric in half, with the pile on the inside of the fold.  Pin on the pattern pieces and cut out.  You should have two of each piece.

Now we’ll sew around the edge of the shin piece for durability.  You’ll notice a triangle border around the edge of your pattern.  This is where you’ll sew on your fabric.  If your machine has an overcast stitch, use that. otherwise, you can use a tight zig zag sitch.

Lay the toe piece down with the suede side up.  Lay down the shin piece on top of it, pile side up,  matching up the curves.  Sew pieces together, following the curve carefully.  The pointed corners of the toe piece will hang over just a bit.

Now we’ll attach the sole. Begin by lining up the top center of the sole to the top center of the toe piece.  Pin together in center.  Starting in the middle of the toe, sew around the left side of the shoe using a 1/4 inch seam.  Match up the top piece to the bottom sole piece.  The key to making a perfectly shaped boot is to always follow the shape of the sole.  You’ll need to turn and adjust the top fabric to make it match the sole’s shape.  Stop right before you reach the heel area.

Remove the fabric from your sewing machine and take out the pin.  Now line up the other side of the shoe with the sole.  You’ll start sewing near the back of the shoe and work your way around to the toe.

Now we’ll sew the heel area.  Line up the top fabric with the sole, and put a pin the center of the heel.  Make sure you don’t have any puckers.  Sew fabrics together.

Turn the boot right side out.  Push out all the seams.

It’s time to add the velcro.  Attach it along the curve of the side flap, but not too high– you want to have the option of rolling the top cuff down.  Sew in place.  Line up the coordinating piece of velcro on the other side, so that the velcro matches up properly when the flap is closed. Pin, then sew in place.

If you’d like, you can sew decorative buttons along the flap of your boots.  Because buttons can potentially be a choking hazard, be sure to sew very tightly and always supervise baby while wearing boots.

Looking for more sweet shoes? Check out my tutorial for sewing Baby Tiptoe Sandals!

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18 thoughts on “Baby SnUgg Boots

  1. AvaBelle says

    If you don’t mind me asking. Where do you buy the cuddle fabric used in this pattern?

    • Marzipan says

      I buy the fabric at Porter’s Craft and Frame in Rexburg ID. They carry it in dark brown, fawn, buttercream, pink, violet, and blue. But a quick search online found it at Fabric Depot

      The fabric is a little pricey, around $20 a yard. But I buy a third of a yard and can get about 5 pairs out of it if I space carefully… making the boots less than $2 a pair, a great bargain!

  2. Dipsy says

    The girl I gave them to LOVED them for her brand new baby, LizaJo! She couldn’t stop raving about them!

  3. MIKAYLA says


  4. Vanessa says

    Where do I get the patter?… Please… I HAVE to make them!! Thanks

  5. says

    Kin, I’m glad you like them :) If you don’t see the pattern on my Etsy shop, it means that I just barely sold one. I relist my patterns as soon as I have a chance to get online, usually it’s within an hour.

  6. martha says

    Hi, I recently purchased your pattern to make these bootsies and I was wondering if you can show how to attach a no slip sole to the bottom…I think the material is called gifi or something like that is the one with the little bumpy dots that some baby sleepers come with. thanks a lot for the video tutorial, it makes it a lot easier to understand for beginner sewers like me :)

    • says

      Martha, I would just replace the bonded cuddle sole piece with one made of that fabric. Or if you want it to be sturdier, you could cut out one of each fabric, layer them together, and stitch around the outer edge, creating one piece. Then attach as shown in the video.

  7. Thanks for the video tutorial! says

    Just wanted to thank you for the pattern. I’ve been able to make my these boots for my 7-month-old. :) Here’s the link ( if you wanted to see a picture. :)

  8. Josie says

    I found the pattern at and also found the fabric at Joann’s. I need to make the biggest size just an inch bigger, do I add an inch all around the whole pattern?

    • says

      Yes, you can resize a pattern by adding a border around each piece. But if you want it to be 1 inch bigger, then you would add ½ inch border, since a half inch on each side will equal one inch total increase in width.

  9. Anne-Catherine says

    This is absolutely adorable!

  10. Shawne says

    Love the Boots Thanks

  11. nicoleo says

    very cute.

  12. Fisguismskymn says

    Hello. And Bye.

  13. Caren says

    Can i make a boot like this for my 3 years old son? Thank hou

  14. Cuty says


    Your boots are absolutely adorable.

    I would like to know if I could have permission to make and sell these boots in my shop and what the charge would be?


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