Apple Mini Album

This little apple album is perfect for back-to-school memories! It stands on its own for easy display. Tutorial includes free printable template.


You’ll need

  • Small scrap of black cardstock
  • 3 sheets red cardstock, 8.5×11
  • 2 sheets white cardstock, 8.5×11
How to:

Begin by downloading the free apple template. You will need a total of 5 apple shapes, printed on red cardstock. Since there are two on each page, you will need to print three copies of the apple. (Make sure your print settings are set to “no margins, no scaling.”)

You will also need to print the second page, which has the apple core shapes. You can print this on white cardstock, or print several sheets on different colored cardstock. You will need a total of 10 apple core shapes, so print two copies.

Start by cutting out the apple shapes. Cut just inside the line so that it won’t show. Then, fold in half by matching up the sides. Crease each apple shape down the center.

Now we’ll combine the apple shapes. Put adhesive on one half of a folded apple. Lay another folded apple directly on top of it, matching up all the sides.

Then, adhere another folded apple shape on top of that one. Continue adding the apples until you have one apple shape left.

Before gluing the last apple, we need to add a ribbon tie closure. Cut one piece of ribbon that is about 16 inches and another that is around 9. Adhere one to each side of the apple shape, in the middle.

Then, glue the last apple shape on top of the ribbon. Now when you unfold the album, it should be able to stand up by itself. To tie, loop the long ribbon around the back , then tie in a bow with the short ribbon at front.

Now it’s time to decorate! Cut out the apple core shapes and adhere one to each half of every page. You will need to flip the ones on the left side over so they will fit.

Cut small raindrop shaped seeds from a scrap of black cardstock and adhere to one half of the front. You can add text to your core shapes before printing, or you can add a title afterwards, with markers, stickers, or stamps.

Embellish your album with scrapbooking paper, stickers, journaling, and photos.

Finally, make a stem for your apple, by tying a 6-inch piece of ribbon in a knot around a small clothespin. Clip to the top of the album.

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