Anywhere Chair

The Anywhere Chair turns a regular chair into a high chair. It rolls up to fit in a diaper bag, and is machine washable. 

How to:
made with
½ yd cotton fabric (outer)
½ yd cotton fabric (inner)

First cut the long strap piece. It should measure 36 x7 inches. The seat should measure 19 by 11 inches. The connecting tab will be 4 inches by 5 1/2 inches.

We’ll sew the connecting tab first. Put right sides together, then batting. Sew the longs sides of the tab using a 5/8 seam. Leave the short sides open. Turn right side out.

Layer the seat pieces with batting on bottom and right sides of fabrics together. Now we’ll measure the opening for the connecting tab, which will go in the middle of a short side of the seat piece. Then pin around the perimeter of the fabric to hold it together while sewing.

Round off one of the corners. Then, fold your fabric and use the rounded corner as a template for the other corners so they’ll match. Now sew the fabrics together, beginning at one pin and sewing until you reach the other pin.

Remove the pins and turn seat right side out, then iron the seat and connecting tab. Insert one end of the connecting tab an inch into the opening on the seat. Sew the tab in place using a quarter inch seam, and continue topstitching around the perimeter of the seat.

Layer the batting and fabrics for the strap piece. On a long side, place a pin 4 inches in from the edge to mark an opening for the tab. The other pin is placed 6 and a half inches in from the edge. Pin the fabrics together. Round off the corners as you did with the seat piece.

Begin sewing at one pin, and continue sewing until you reach the other pin. Remove the pins and turn right side out, then iron.

Insert the loose end of the connecting tab into the opening on the strap piece. Sew in place using a quarter inch seam, and continue topstitching around the perimeter of the strap.

Now we’ll add the velcro. Sew three inches of rough velcro in the middle, on the long end of the interior fabric. Sew around the edge of the velcro.

Cut five inches of the fuzzy velcro. This will go in the middle of the short end, on the exterior fabric. Sew in place.

To use, weave the straps around the slats of a chair. Loop the strap around to velcro in back. The seat piece goes inside of the loop and creates a flap over the strap piece.

Always use adult supervision. As with all handmade baby products, use common sense and make safety a priority.

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22 thoughts on “Anywhere Chair

  1. Jacqueline says

    Thank you so much for the pattern and instructions for your Anywhere Chair. I visited your site for the first time last night and have already made my first baby seat. Such clear instructions (even for me) and the end result looks so professional. I will recommend you to all my crafting friends <3

  2. sophie says

    this is a terrific tutorial! It looks so easy and all I need to do is convert the inches to cm and I’m done :0) plus the music is really nice and upbeat. my daughter is 8 months old and this will be perfect for her when we go out or even when we’re at home

  3. adesign82 says

    I wish I had more time to just make everything you have a tutorial for :) You make everything seem so easy. Thank you!!

  4. selmasteel says

    I just finished making this and absolutely LOVE IT! So simple to make and I think it will work awesome… now to make a few more so I will have some extras for when they get dirty! Thanks so much for your simple straight forward instructions!

  5. Emma says

    Hi – just finished this and it looks amazing! My only (hopefully constructive) criticism is that you can only use this with chairs that have central slats – I just attempted to use it on our dining chairs (which don’t have them) and it won’t work… I might attempt another one and adapt the long strap piece, making it even longer, so that it can be used on more types of chair…other than that, great easy to follow tutorial – so thank you!

    • Alisa says

      I’ve just made one of these – and realised that it won’t actually fit on our wide dining room chairs! I’ve used snaps instead of velcro, and will make an “extension” pice that snaps on so we can turn the anywhere chair around, hang bub’s legs either side of the tabs, and wrap the strap all around a wide or solid-backed chairs. I think a 45inch strap should cover it…

  6. Shana says

    I made this baby seat tonight. The instructions are so clear and easy! I haven’t tried it yet with my daughter but I’m wondering if the front flap between her legs will keep her from sliding out of the seat. She’s super busy and wiggly. I might adapt it so the strap between her legs is attached to the waist strap. Thank you so much for the tutorial! I’m going to browse your other projects :-)

  7. I finally got around to trying this and I love how it turned out! I made mine a tad longer and added two strips of Velcro for a little extra grip.

    • says

      Good thinking!

  8. I can’t wait to make this for both of my daycare kiddos! I have a 16 month old I “tie” to the chair with a towel and chip clip. Otherwise she is up and down, up and down. The baby only uses a bottle but I’ve wanted to put her at the table to sit with the others when she gets a little bit more steady – for now she sits with the kids in her bouncy saucer thingy. LOL

    Thanks so much! I see some Christmas gifts in my future!

  9. Luanna says

    This was such a fabulous tutorial! It was great to have the video and written instructions. My friend is going to love it for her little son!

  10. Jo says

    Thank you for this pattern!

  11. Linda says

    Hi, Just found your tutorial for the ‘anywhere chair’, it looks really good. I have bought materal and batting, to make one for my grandson. My only query is:-
    The strap, would it help if I put interfacing (Vilene S320), or is the batting enough to keep the strap upright when being used. Reading Emma suggestion, I shall make the strap longer as our dining room chairs have no slats.

    • says

      The batting worked fine, but interfacing is a good idea :)

  12. Joanna says

    I had these for my kids way back in “the day”. They’re great for grocery carts and chairs everywhere. I believe you are using it backwards, however. The part that you have flapped over the front is supposed to go on the back as a bit of a cushion.

    • Anne says

      I can see what Joanna means – but I wonder if it was turned around to make the seat pad the back cushion, would this put the tab between the legs in the wrong place?

  13. Toni says

    Great tutorial! I put one of these together for my daughter who is traveling over to Korea and will not have her baby’s highchair for about 3 months. I will try to upload a photo of my “anywhere chair”.

  14. Sari Pitkänen says

    Thank you really good idea. Tutoral is very good work.

  15. Kristi says

    I will definitely be trying this! Quick question… With my older kids, I had a similar “chair” that had an additional piece that would cover a cart handle at the grocery store. Can’t seem to find a pattern for it. Any thoughts about adding the additional piece?

  16. Jean turner says

    Ive made one for my first great grand daughter, i have also addapted it for a folding chair that has not centre back.

  17. Anonymous says

    Up to what age can these be used safely.

  18. Heila says


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