My name is Maureen. But you can call me Marzi. I’m kinda quirky and a lot crafty. And I’m so glad you’re here.

Have a question? I have an answer…


1) Can I share your project idea within my blog / website / magazine?

I love to have my projects featured! Yes, you may post information about the project along with a couple of photos. Please do not copy and paste the entire tutorial. I would appreciate a link back to MadeByMarzipan.com. And thanks so much for sharing… you just made my day!

2) Can I sell items I make from your free patterns?

The patterns and projects on my site are for personal use only. They may also be given as gifts, or sewn for non-profit, charitable purposes. However, if you have purchased a pattern from my Etsy or Craftsy shop, you have the right to sell items sewn from that pattern.

3) Are your posts sponsored?

Many of the posts and projects on MadeByMarzipan.com are sponsored by third-party companies. I may have been compensated via cash payment or free materials. I only promote products I love and use, and all opinions are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

I’m often asked where I purchased a particular craft supply. For your convenience, I’ve included Amazon affiliate links to many of the items used, right in the supply list of each post. Happy shopping! (And when your significant other sees that brown box in the mail, feel free to blame Marzi.)

4) How can I advertise on MadeByMarzipan.com, or sponsor a video featuring my product?

I love working with companies that embrace creativity or promote the DIY lifestyle. For information about securing ad space, product placement, or reviews, please visit the Ads & Sponsorship page.

5) How can I contact you?

You can email me at madebymarzipan@gmail.com (yes, there’s a real person on the other end!), or message me via Made By Marzipan’s Facebook business page. Or just leave a question in the comments section and I’ll get back to you soon!

Still curious?

If you’d like a peek at my craft studio / sewing room, take a video tour here:
And finally, a video slideshow of some crafty goodness to get you started.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get crafting!

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  1. Fran says

    You have been busy.
    Cute site. cute kids too

  2. Laurie says

    Hi, I looked at your website. You are VERY talented! You will definitely inspire me to get moving on my scrapping!

  3. Christine says

    just checked out your site. I love it, very fresh and cute, easy to use. I think I might have to get crafty :)

  4. Leslie says

    Your site totally inspires me! Do you have anything that can make time stop too so that I’ll be able to get more crafting done? I love all your projects. Your cards are my favorite part. Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Lolita says

    I love your site! I am a new to sewing and crafts and I am hooked. I hit the library every week in search of some book that will help me to learn the ends and outs of crafts, sewing, crocheting, and knitting (I’m trying to teach myself how to do it all). I am hoping to eventually have the knowledge and ability to make a variety of things with and without a pattern.
    Your website has been amazingly helpful so far. I made the tablecloth lunch bag and receive mondo compliments. I made the bag while sick, that is how easy it was to follow your tutorial. Keep up the good work!

  6. says

    Lolita, thanks so much for your kind comment, it made my day!

  7. Lolita says

    I nominated you on Babble for Top 50 craft sites. Hope that’s okay. You Rock!

  8. barbara johnson says

    Hello there, I’m a retired “funky lady” that spends WAY too much time on the computer…LOL.. I’ve been knitting, crocheting,quilting,sewing along with Machine Embroidery all my life (since 14yrs old, and trust me that was a LONG time ago)… I’ve taught crafting of all sorts, so for me this new world is fascinating….. I can’t get over the creative talent that is out here in cyberworld… you young women are all to be commended for such generosity of spirit and encouragement in the land of handwork…. I treasure every one of these ideas… make many of them to give away and want to thank you for making my days!!! Barbara/aka GrammaBabs:)

  9. says

    Thanks, Barbara! I bet you’re full of great project ideas… sometimes I think I came up with something new, only to find that one of my readers did it twenty years ago :)

  10. Alicia says

    Love your blog but I can’t find how to follow it

    • says

      Thanks, Alicia! I would recommend following MadeByMarzipan on Facebook, because every time I post a project, it shows up on my Facebook feed. Also, Facebook followers can see “sneak peeks,” give suggestions, and answer polls about what projects they’d like to see next! https://www.facebook.com/MadeByMarzipan

  11. Megan says

    I just pinned your anywhere chair onto Pinterest to spread word of your great work there. Thank you so much for all these wonderful ideas. I am tucking this anywhere chair in my stash of things to do when a grad baby arrives in our lives.Thanks!

    • Susan says

      Thank you so much for the pattern and instructions for your Anywhere Chair. I visited your site for the first time last night and have already made my first baby seat. Such clear instructions (even for me) and the end result looks so professional. I will recommend you to all my crafting friends <3

  12. Kelsie Leon says

    your crafts are amazing! im about to make the ipod case for my kindle tomorrow then im going to attempt the laptop case. thanks for putting up videos they help a ton!

  13. terri says

    Just made the “Any Where Chair.” Really easy and it was nice to finish a project after the kids’ bed time and before I am ready to drop. Tempted to wake the baby to try it out….
    Would clarify instructions a bit, specifically about where the velcro goes.
    Thanks for the great project!

  14. Mara says

    Marzi! I love your personality! Thanks so much for sharing. My mother’s church group sews baby items and gives them away to young needy moms. I’m going to give them this pillow idea. I think its great! Mara

  15. Jerry Newman says

    I love watching anyone who is very knowledgeable about what she does and at the same time clearly gets joy from doing it.

    Bless you!

  16. laura says

    Me encanto todo lo que haces por favor nececito saber como hiciste el sillon tan hermoso!!!!!!desde Argentina felicitaciones

  17. Stormy Reyes says

    Love the new layout!

  18. Shantia says

    Honey, I just found your site!
    Must say, you are awesome. Love you, your rockabilly look an your crafts very much! Tutorials are great too!
    Best wishes from Latvia.

  19. Tammy says

    Need to get you information on the lob Cabin pattern on how to make it!

  20. Lauren Templeton says

    I am trying to find your pattern for the toddlers sun hat? I can’t seem to find it. Can you point me in the direction?

  21. Tamara says

    Dear Maureen,
    I am a 7 years old girl. I love to craft !!
    My mom showed me your website today and I loooovveee it very much.
    I want to start crafting just like you!

    Tamara Helena

    • says

      Tamara, it makes me so happy to meet a fellow crafter! If you try any of the projects on here, you can post a picture at the bottom of the tutorial. We would love to see what you create!

  22. Carey says

    Thanks a lot for the post. Much obliged.

  23. roza says

    Hi Marzi, Great projects. Can I subscribe to your blog by email?
    Thank you.

  24. Kathleen says

    Marzi, I love your use of shapes, textures & color! I am a semi-retired, slightly physically-impaired, licensed counselor of 22 yrs., seeking to combine my love of creativity & fabric, w/ helping others to express, but haven’t figured-out what-all to include in my blog, or on my website, for this New Season of life!
    Thank you for sharing your precious ideas! I’m thinking about making the ‘Birdie Mobile for a special gift…How big is the ‘birdie’ template supposed to be? It looks pretty large @ 100%!! Also, how can I view your tutorial for the ‘scrappy’ chevron quilt? Simply lovely! Tks. again & TTFN!

  25. Lynne says

    Where can I find the triangle template for the Bye Bye Baby quilt? It’s so cute, I can’t wait to make it. Thanks.

  26. Twinkle says

    Loved your cute cute website. Nice fresh layout and i made a hardcover notebook shown in one of your tutorials and i LOVED it. Now people tell me to make books for them.
    Thanks and please add more on typography. I like your way of teaching.

  27. Noelle says

    So cute this cupcake.
    I made some for présent to my friends
    Thanks to you

    Noelle from

  28. Fantastic article post.Much thanks again. Really Cool.

  29. Marsha says

    Your work is amazing. I’ve been watching your videos and I love them. They are so easy to follow and even an amateur like me can figure them out.

  30. melissa says

    Love that tutorial!
    Can I follow by email?

  31. Liz says

    Hi Marzi,

    I love your website, I found you via you tube, your videos are very well made and easy to follow. I am making the baby quilt you have demonstrated. I was wondering if you have instructions on how to make a pillow case, or if you will be posting a video on this topic. Thank you!

    Liz :)

  32. Leilani says

    Hi Marzi,
    I just figured out about you while searching up some crafting videos. You’re amazing and really talented. I love doing crafts whether it be with my grandmother’s sewing machine or jewelery to give out. You really do inspire me with all your work! Thanks for being such a great influence on me!

  33. saffy says

    Hi Marzi, is there a way to subscribe to your lovely site for updates and also your blog? I often forget to visit sites ive added to favorites xx

    • says

      Not currently… but if you follow MadeByMarzipan on Facebook or Twitter, I post whenever there’s a new article. Thanks!

  34. Marsha says

    I am so inspired by your ideas. I had twin girls (Kara and Maggie) in November and have been sewing away since the day I discovered I was pregnant. I have found a store that has good quality fabric for very cheap and am able to save lots of money by doing things my self.

    You are a life saver
    Marsha, David, Kara and Maggie

  35. Tracy says

    GREAT stuff!!!
    Have you ever thought of making an iPad/iPhone/tablet “sack” that attaches to a crib or pack’n’play so that music can be played while baby is drifting off to sleep? It could hang on the outside of the crib so baby doesn’t mess with it….??? I think it’s a GREAT idea, but I’m not a sewing or crafty person. I desperately need one!!

    • says

      I hadn’t thought of that… interesting idea!

  36. Milissa says

    I’m looking for a thread catcher with a attached pin cushion pattern. I’ve seen them in quilt classes but no one seems to have a pattern. Can you help with this. Thank you

  37. Linda says

    I love drawing but drawing scary me
    but when I seeing you drawing in your video that such easy thing to do for you and so enjoyabl watch, maybe if I keeps watching your videos could help me take free the fear of drawing in me. I Will let you know if some good come out of me as a result of the inspiration you give out in your tutorial videos. Thank you for sharing.
    Best Regard Linda from Australia

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