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  1. Kira says

    Thank you so much!

  2. Arleen Delgado says

    Hi, Maureen: I just opened my e-mail flyer from AllFreeSewing and the stroller bag caught my eye. Even before I clicked on it to open it, I was already wondering if it was a “Maureen Wilson” masterpiece. Sure enough! I wasn’t disappointed when I opened up the tutorial! You are one talented lady and I love absolutely all of your creations! Best wishes and keep ’em coming!

  3. Jacque says

    I want to thank you for all the great tutorials. I have so far made your stroller bag, the scalloped edge lap top bag (x2), the boppy pillow cover (x2), and the diaper changing pad. You make them all so easy and fun to complete,,, THANK YOU!!!!!

    • Anonymous says

      hi i love your videos

  4. Lucinda says

    hi. I saw your tutorial on refinishing your bathroom counter top. I am considering the same process on my kitchen counter top. Can you tell me does the epoxy Frey smooth and how is the counter top holding up as far durability. Thank you lucinda

    • says

      It’s very smooth and glossy. I haven’t had any problems with it!

  5. Jody says

    Hi Marzi ~ I’ve just today discovered I can give my old worn out countertops a new life. I first learned about Giani Granite, then Rust-Oleum Countertop Restoration, and finally saw your amazing YouTube video on how you refinished you bathroom countertop. I believe your process is considerably less expensive than the others. Is the Envirotek Life product just as durable as the Giani or Rust-Oleum finish?

    • says

      I haven’t tried Giani Granite, but I did try their cabinet paint, and it was a disaster. The company was good about working with me and actually sent me a nice big check for damages. However, I wouldn’t buy one of their products again. I recently posted a picture on my FB page of an update, the counters are still gorgeous. Very very durable.

  6. Gabi says

    I love your countertop tutorial. though I am having trouble creating a natural granite look with my sponge..any tips?
    I wish you would have shown your sponging technique in the video.

    • says

      I tore off a very small piece of sponge and used a light touch… everything will be intensified once the epoxy is added, so less is better.

  7. Angelina says

    Hi Marzi!

    I’ve been so inspired by your hand lettering videos on YouTube that I had this crazy thought. What if I design my own wedding invitations? Ambitious I know and I’ll tell you how they turn out, but can you tell me which printing company you like/trust? I know you briefly mentioned one in one of your videos but I can’t seem to be able to find it. Please get back to me!

    Thank you so much,

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