Venn Dangle Earrings

Venn Dangle Earrings are made up of overlapping, semi-transparent circles. These earrings are so lightweight you won’t even feel them!


 The best base material for these earrings is clear, medium weight Dura-Lar film, made by Grafix. It looks a lot like typical transparency film, but it isn’t as flimsy. This material is lightweight, making it a comfortable choice for jewelry, but strong, so it won’t rip.

The best part about these earrings is that you can make them in any color combination you’d like. I’m using Glaze® pens by Sakura, which are specialty pens designed for coloring on glass and plastic. When the ink dries, it’s translucent, which is a very cool when you overlap different layers, like with these earrings. I’m using pens from both the Basic color pack, and the Bright color pack.

You’ll need small jump rings to join your earring pieces together. You’ll also need fish hook earrings. Jewelry pliers are useful as well. You can find all of these supplies in the jewelry or beading section of your craft store.

How to:

I’ll be using a 1/2 inch circle paper punch for the first pair of earrings. I’ve chosen a peacock color palette. Color the Dura-lar film with the Glaze® pens. Then punch out the colored areas with your circle punch. I found it helpful to lay a piece of scrap paper on top of the Dura-lar, as it helps the punch gain traction.

Tip: If you have an older punch that’s dull, you can sharpen it by punching through a piece of aluminum foil.

Next we can assemble the earrings. First lay out a design… you can use one of mine or create your own. Use a 1/8 inch hole punch to make holes in the circles for the jump rings. Note that this is smaller than a standard single hole punch.

 Open the jump ring and attach the earring pieces. When opening jump rings, it’s important that you twist the opening to the side, rather than pulling the ring apart from the center. Pulling outward from the center will weaken the ring. Pinch the opening closed.

Add the fish hook earring in the same manner. Assemble as shown on the diagram, or following your own pattern.

For my second pair of earrings, I’ve chosen a sunset color palette. I’m also using a 1 inch circle hole punch in addition to the 1/2 inch punch.

It’s best to hang these earrings when not in use, to keep the pieces from tangling or sticking together.

Although I’m fond of the overlapping circles, you’re not just limited to them! Take a look at your paper punches… butterflies, stars, dragonflies, and flowers would all make gorgeous earrings. With Grafix Dura-lar and Sakura Glaze® pens, you can create custom jewelry that’s just your style.

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