Upcycled Tee-Skirt

This could be the easiest skirt you’ll ever make. And you can make it for free, because it’s made from upcycled t-shirts!

How to:
made with
2 adult-sized t-shirts (preferably long sleeved)

You’ll need two measurements. First, measure around the waist. Second, measure from hip to knee. You’ll need a t-shirt that is at least one and half times bigger around, than your waist measurement. It’s fine if it’s bigger than that, it will just be fuller.

Cut the skirt to the hip-to-knee measurement, plus one inch for the seam. Leave the hem intact.

Next we’ll cut the band, from a second tee shirt. First remove the hem. Decide how wide you’d like the finished band to be, then multiply by four and add one inch. Cut width-wise to that measurement. Now divide your waist measurement by two. Add half an inch, and cut off one end of the t-shirt to that measurement. Leave one side seam intact.

Finally, we’ll cut the pockets. Decide how big you want them, then add half an inch to that. I’m cutting mine at 5 inches. Use the sleeve portion of your second tee shirt. Leave the cuffs intact.

Now we’ll start sewing. Use a ball point needle and polyester thread. Select a basting stitch on your machine. This is the longest stitch length available. Baste the top raw edge of your skirt with a half-inch seam. Don’t worry if your fabric is bunching up once it’s sewn.

Put the skirt aside and work on the band. Fold it in half so that the seam is outward and on the left. Change to a narrow zig zag or stretch stitch. Sew down the side of the band with a half inch seam.

Turn the band right side out. Fold the edge of the band upward and in half. All the raw edges should be at the top. Align the edges and pin together.

Put the band aside to make the pockets. Turn the cut sleeves inside out. Trace a round item to make a curve about a half inch away from the raw edge. Sew directly on top of the curve. Trim off the excess fabric. Turn the pockets right side out. Roll the seams between your fingers to give them definition.

Now pin the pockets to the main skirt piece. Be sure you’re pinning them to the top layer of the skirt only. Topstitch around the pocket with a 1/8 inch seam. Then sew the top inside edge of the pocket.

Now we’ll assemble the skirt. Pull on the end of your basting stitch thread to tighten the skirt’s waist. Adjust the waist of the skirt until it is the same width as your band.

Then insert the skirt into the band. The raw edge of the band should align with the raw edge of the skirt. Line up the seams, and pin all the way around. Now sew with a 1 inch seam.

Remove the pins. Fold the band upward, then fold it in half so it’s ready to wear.

Making the Pocket Flowers

Trace 4 small circles and 5 large circles for each flower.

Fold a large circle into fourths. Then stitch it to the center of another large circle. Repeat with the remaining large circles.

Then do the same thing with the smaller circles.

Add some stitches in the center so all the petals are secure.

Finally, add a button to the center.

Sew onto your skirt pocket. Make sure you’re only sewing through the top layer of the pocket.

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