Shirt to Shrug

Make this refashioned shrug with a T-shirt, some ribbon, and 15 minutes!

How to:

Begin with a plain T-shirt. Cut the front of the shirt directly down the center. Be careful to only cut through the top layer of fabric.

Next, remove the collar by cutting right below the stitches on the neckline.

Turn the T-shirt inside out. Make a casing that’s about the same width as your ribbon, by folding the cut edges inward and pinning.

When you get to the neckline, pull any excess fabric outward rather than pinning bunched up fabric underneath. This will ensure that your ribbon will slide through the casing easily. You can snip off the corner this creates so that you can keep the casing uniform. Pin around the neckline and down the other half of the shirt.

Next we’ll sew the casing in place. You’ll be sewing along the raw edges. It’s wise to use a ball-point needle when sewing with knits. Change your machine settings to a long zig-zag stitch.

Now we’ll insert the ribbon into the casing. Feed it through using a safety pin or bodkin. Pull it through the other end and unbunch the fabric. Cut the ribbon long for now so you have room to make adjustments when the shrug is tried on. It’s also smart to singe the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying.

To wear, pull upward on the fabric while holding onto the ribbon. Tie in a bow.

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