Ribbon Wreath

This pink ribbon wreath is for a baby shower, but you could make an elegant wreath in cream for a wedding, or use your leftover Christmas ribbon to make a sparkly holiday wreath.


You’ll need a foam wreath form. Mine is about 12  inches  in diameter. You can buy these at any craft store that sells floral supplies.

You’ll also need some tulle netting, you can buy it on a spool or by the yard from a bolt.

You’ll need ribbon. Lots and lots of ribbon. I think I used 8 different types on this wreath. When selecting ribbon, choose a variety of patterns, textures, and widths. But it will look classier if you keep it monochromatic.

Some people like to use T-pins when making a ribbon wreath, but I prefer small straight pins because they’re less likely to show. Some people choose to use a hot glue gun to add the ribbon, but that’s messy and time consuming and I’ve found pinning is easier.

How to:

We’re going to start by wrapping our wreath form in tulle. Add a little hot glue to the back of the wreath and wrap the tulle around it. This will make the form less noticeable if it should peek through your ribbon.

Tie a tulle loop so that we’ll be able to hang the wreath.

Now cut the ribbon into segments about 4 1/2 inches long. I can’t tell you exactly how much you’ll need, because the wider ribbon takes up more space than the narrow ribbon, so it will depend on the ribbon you buy.

Now we can start adding the ribbon. Curl a ribbon segment into a loop and add a straight pin on the inside. Poke it into the wreath. Begin with the widest ribbon, and add loops at random intervals. You may need to use two pins on the very wide ribbon.

Continue adding ribbon, working from the widest down to the narrowest ribbon. Don’t forget to throughly cover the sides as well. Working with one type of ribbon at a time ensures that the pattern will be spread out in a pleasing way.

Once you’re finished covering your wreath, you can tie a pretty tulle bow to the top of the hanging loop.

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6 thoughts on “Ribbon Wreath

  1. maryshome8 says

    Would you care to share about how many rolls of ribbon that you used for this project? I know you use less for wider ribbon, but it would give me a ballpark. thanks!

    • says

      I think I used six.

  2. Beverly says

    A must try project… Love it

  3. maryshome8 says

    I also wanted to say that I have been looking FOREVER for a CLEAR instructional video on how to make these wreaths. Thank you for offering a clear instructional video…I don’t care how long the videos are…I’ll watch them if I want to learn how to do something, as long as the information doesn’t skip steps and has a good quality video where the instructions are clear. I would love for you to have one on hair ribbons with alligator clips like the ones boutiques sell!

  4. sidhes26 says

    great instructional video. thanks :)

  5. ourttcjourney says

    Love this! Thanks again for another wonderful idea!

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