Reusable Lunch Bag

You can stop buying paper bags and start packing your lunch in this reusable bag, made from a tablecloth. This tutorial is part 2 in my Upcycled Tablecloth series.

How to:

Begin by cutting 4 rectangles that are 12 and 1/4 inches long by 5 inches wide. These will be become the sides of your bag.

Then cut two large rectangles that are 29 1/2 inches long by 8 inches wide. These will make up the middle and bottom portion of the bag.

Lay the corresponding pieces right sides together and pin. You will have three pieces when you’re finished.

Sew the matching pieces together, beginning on a short end of each rectangle. Start near the middle of the short end, leaving a 2 inch hole for turning. Do this for all three pieces.

Trimming the excess fabric at the corners will help reduce bulk at the seams. Trim on a diagonal, being careful not to snip your stitches.

Turn all the pieces right side out. Be sure to poke out all the corners from the inside.

Pin one long side of a side piece to a long side of the large middle piece. Line up the open edges at the top. Pin the other side piece to the other long side of the middle piece. Then sew along the pinned edge of the side piece with a quarter inch seam.

Now pin the bottom of the side panel to the edge of the long piece. This will create the bottom of the bag. Do this with both panels. Sew in place.

Now line up the edge of the middle piece to the edge of the side piece and pin together. Repeat on the other side. Sew in place.

Turn right side out.  Fold the fabric by the holes inward so that it is even with the top of the bag. Pin the holes. Topstitch all the way around the bag using a 1/8 inch seam.

Insert your arms into the bag and push out to give shape to the side seams. You can use a clothespin or a clip to keep your lunch bag closed. The tablecloth fabric is water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about messes.

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2 thoughts on “Reusable Lunch Bag

  1. Linda L. says

    Looks like it would be easy to add a closure of some sort here, and a handle. I think I’d want a button/loop or something, just because I never have clips or clothespins around! LOL
    But otherwise, this looks like a really neat pattern idea to try. Thanks so much!!

  2. Marzipan says

    Great idea, Linda. It would also be simple to add Velcro to the inside top of the bag, then you could just press the sides together to seal.

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