Refashioned Flower Tee

Make  flowers and frills from a too-big shirt, to freshen up a plain tee.

How to:

Cut out circles: 4 large (about 3.5 inches diameter), 8 medium (3 inches), and 8 small (2.5 inches).  These don’t need to be perfect, they’ll curl and ruffle a bit in the wash, so you can just freehand them.

Layer the circles together, with small on top of medium, and medium on top of large.  There will be four large circles, with medium and small circles on top.  There will be four medium circles, with small circles on top.

Fold a circle stack in half.  Next take your needle and thread and sew three stitches across the middle, horizontally.  Pull tightly and tie off in a knot.  Then fold the circle stack in half the other way and sew three stitches, pull tightly and tie off.  This bunches your flower and gives it dimension.

Now you can make your ruffles.  Cut strips of fabric about 1 inch wide.  You can either pin pleats in place, or you can just do what I did and bunch the fabric to make ruffles as it goes under the foot of your sewing machine.  Add ruffles to the neckline and sleeves.

Next pin on your flowers down the middle.  I recommend actually trying the shirt on, and pinning in place while you’re wearing it so you can see just where the flowers will be.  Then sew the flowers on using your sewing machine.  Hide your stitches by lifting the top layers of the flowers and sewing on top of the bottom layer only.

Finally, hand sew on your buttons in the center of each flower.

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