Recycled Rosettes

You can make easy fabric rosettes from a recycled T-shirt. 

How to:

Begin by cutting off the hem of the T-shirt.  You can save this piece to use in another project, but we won’t need it for this one.  Cut a couple of strips about an inch and a half wide.

Cut along one of the seams.  Remove any tags.

Twist the end of your strip, then roll into a circle.  Use a hot glue gun to secure on one side.  Don’t be afraid to use a good amount of glue, because it won’t show.

Continue twisting and rolling, stopping every so often to glue.  For this medium-sized rosette, I’m only going to use a single strip of fabric.  But if you’d like a large one, you can twist your second strip of fabric into the first to make it longer.

If you’d like, you can add an embellishment to the center.  You can use beads or a brad.  For this rosette, I’m using Pearl Dots.  They cost about a dollar a sheet at my local craft store. They’re self-adhesive, but I’m using hot glue to make sure they stay put.

To make the back of your rosette look tidier, you can cut and glue a circle of felt to the back.

I’m making this rosette into a hair clip.  I prefer the ease of alligator clips over barrettes.  Adhere with hot glue, and pinch open while the glue cools.  Then, glue a rectangle of felt over the inside of the clip for extra security.

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30 thoughts on “Recycled Rosettes

  1. Asha D'souza says

    Those are soo pretty. i like butterfly craft.
    thanks for the project idea.


  2. Nevart Barsamian says

    You’re very talented. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. ChiliPeppz says

    So cute!

  4. faruka69able says

    Love your crafts, thanks for sharing.

  5. kagokadae says

    easy and amazing :)

  6. joanne says

    What would it look like if you uses a wide ribbon? I’d like to see something like that.

  7. fred says

    This is so cool! I’m gonna attach it to one of those scarves you can make out of tshirts (:

  8. chicha says

    Super easy and super cute! I changed it up a lil by NOT gluing on the clip. I found that if I just glued on the felt strip really well, I could just interchange the clip to whatever rosettes I want to wear that day!! Saves me money on buying a ton of clips!!! Thanks for the tutorial!! :D

  9. juliagoldmarrry says

    So cute & easy even for me! Still time to make a few before Christmas. Need a few more cute things to put in great little purses I bought for the three twenty-something girls on our list! THANK YOU!

  10. mari says

    Simple and cute…

  11. egyptquilts1 says

    Came out very nice. Thanks for doing a very good demo. Very green project.

  12. MakeupDrShari Smith says


  13. darcy says

    Love the idea of recycling the t-shirt. Thanks for the great idea!

  14. abigail says

    very helpful!!!!!!!!!! thanks….will try it definately! :)

  15. elicente says

    Great Tutorial!

  16. karen says

    really cute..TFS

  17. zoya says

    wow this is awesome im going to totally make this

  18. bonbonscraps says

    Luv the rosette!!! thanx 4 sharing!! i just subed to your channel and i’ll have to make some of these rosettes for my scrapbooking!! …candy…

  19. Noémie Lan says

    Nice Video!!! I tried the rosette at home<3 Btw whats the song title? ^^

  20. tammy says

    thanks! super helpful and easy… and super pretty!

  21. DMCxxo says

    Very helpful thanks so much (: XO

  22. realityabyss says

    Thank you so much for this video! I’ve got so many old tshirts tht i thought would go to waste (i only need so many washing rags, lol!) Just one question: what can we do to prevent fraying (on other fabrics)?

  23. abigail says

    Love -3

  24. lilly says

    Beautiful ! : )

  25. lindsay says

    I LOVE this idea! Thank you! So cute!

  26. 55555kittu says

    no words to say simply super….

  27. anisha says


  28. Deenaly702 says

    Thankss I had forgotten how to make the flower, I have simne dark denimn I want to recycle for accessories: hair clip, brooch, pendant. Love it !!!:-)))

  29. whutzat says

    This would also make a nice brooch with attatched pin back or a choker necklace on a ribbon! :-)

  30. piper says

    I am getting one of those rotary cutters ASAP, LOL!

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