Princess Chandelier

A little paint and a bit of sparkle turns this $2 thrift store fixture into a chandelier fit for a princess.

How to:

Spray paint your fixture with several light coats of spray paint.  It’s easiest to paint if you hang it up; I put a hanger through one of the links and hung it over a rafter in my garage.

Before you get started on the beads, you’ll want to be sure that your thrift store find actually works.  First, turn off the power breaker– not just the light switch!  Installing a light fixture is fairly easy, it’s just a matter of twisting the right wires together with a wire nut cap.

Now cut your strands of wire to the same length, and thread them with beads, using the same pattern throughout.

Knot jump rings onto each end of the wire pieces.  Loop these through the holes that were pre-drilled for screws for light shades, and pinch closed.

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