Paper Heart Box

These cute Paper Heart Boxes are inspired by the iconic conversation heart candies. Includes a free downloadable template!

How to:

Begin by printing the free two-page template by clicking the link above the supply box. For best results, print on pastel cardstock.

Start by cutting out the hearts along the solid black lines. Cut slits along each short solid black line as well.

Flip over the larger heart to the unprinted side. Using a Gelly Rolll®  Moonlight®  pen, write a message in the center using block letters. Outline the letters once more to make them extra bold. (I love Gelly Rolll®  Moonlight®  pens because the smooth ink really pops against colored paper. This shade is really similar to the color printed on the candy hearts!)

Using the dotted line as a guide, fold in the sides of each heart.

Cut out the correlating strips from the second page of the template. (Note that the two strips for the the larger heart are longer; make sure you keep each set of strips with the correct heart.)

Fold each strip inward along the dotted lines. (If your nails aren’t long, you may have trouble folding inward. If it’s easier, you can pinch the paper together at the dotted lines, then go back and fold each segment inward at the crease.)

Add double-stick tape along the bottom edge of the strip. Place the heart so the printed side is showing. Then, starting at the center valley of the heart, wrap the strip around the edge of the heart, adhering to the tabs on the side. The creases on the strip should correlate with the tabs. Flip the heart over and double check that the sides are aligned nicely and adhered firmly. Repeat with the second strip, and the with the other half of the box.

Fill the box with candy, chocolates, or a handwritten love note!

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