It’s time to stop scribbling notes on napkins, receipts, and the back of your hand. 


This notebook is distributed by Sierra Pacific, and retails for $2.99. I bought it at my local craft store.

How to:

Cut paper into strips, and space evenly on covers.

Add water to the acrylic paint, and rub on plaque with a rag so that the grain shows through. Adhere to cover with hot glue.

Cut out letters to make a title for your notebook.

Use flower cut-outs in the corners, and decorate the centers with brads or buttons. Tie the buttons with twine.

Don’t forget to decorate the included pen… too cute!

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One thought on ““Noted”

  1. Leslie says

    Yeah, I could totally use this. That inspiration journal I made years ago has gotten too full. You know what else would have been cute is if you would have sewn fabric to the front of it since it’s for your sewing ideas! You always do good work Maureen! Thanks for all the inspiration.

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