Mother’s Mini Album

Mom will love this tiny accordion album!

How to:

Cut a sheet of 12×12 cardstock into thirds (4 x 12 inches).

Score and fold the cardstock strips every 3 inches, so you have 3 squares that are 4×4 inches.

Overlap the last square of one strip with the beginning square of another strip and adhere. Now your strip should be 5 squares long. Alternate mountain and valley folds so you can fold the album shut.

Cut patterned paper rectangles that are 4 x 2.5 inches to make your pockets. Add glue to three sides, leaving the top open. Adhere one to each square (except for the cover).

Punch or die cut tags, adding ribbons to the holes in the top. Add photos and journaling. Slide into the pockets.

Create a title for your album.

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