Glowing Rose Garland

You can easily create elegant strands of flower lights with a few basic supplies. Use them to decorate for a wedding, or to brighten up a dorm room.

How to:
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You’ll need tissue paper in at least two colors. You’ll need some Christmas lights. Select LED lights because the bulbs won’t get hot. I prefer the medium-sized globe lights because they’re a good size for the flower centers. You’ll need some lightweight floral wire as well.

Cut the tissue paper into pieces about 5 inches square. To make a flower, you’ll need six squares of the main color, and two squares of the center color.

Layer the two center squares on the others, then fold them together accordion style.

Round off both ends of the folded tissue paper to create petals.

Wrap a 3-inch piece of wire around the center of the paper. Don’t wrap too tightly, because that makes it more difficult to unfold the petals. You just want it to hold the paper together during the next step.

Gently peel apart the layers of petals. Be careful not to rip the paper. Do this to both sides.

Remove the wire, and fold the stack in half. Cut a V-shaped notch along the fold to create a hole in the center. Thread a light bulb through the hole. Make sure that the center color of tissue paper is facing up.

Pull the paper around the center downward, and pinch it around the base of the light bulb. Use the same piece of wire to securely twist the paper onto the light.

Separate and trim the petals if needed. Repeat for all light bulbs. You can mix and match colors, or even use patterned tissue paper.

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