Personalized Peg Board

This peg board keeps things tidy, with a place for each family member to hang their things.  Even little ones who can’t read will know which peg is theirs!

How to:

Take a photo of each family member holding a different wooden letter, spelling out your last name.  (Or you can cut the letters yourself from white poster board).

Then change the photos to black and white and crop them to fit the ceramic tiles (these are 4×
. You can find similar tiles at a home improvement store.

Adhere the photos with Mod Podge to the ceramic coaster tiles. When adhering photos to tiles, put a thin layer of Mod Podge on the tile.  Then center the photo on the tile.  Lay a paper towel over the photo, and rub firmly with your thumb, from the middle to the outer edges.  This prevents bubbles while keeping your photo free of fingerprints and smudges.

Once it’s dry, add another thin coat of Mod Podge to seal your photo.

Paint the board and pegs black and let dry.  Then sand the edges with sandpaper to give it a distressed look.

Insert pegs, using wood glue for durability.

Use a strong glue (such as Gorilla Glue) to adhere tiles over pegs.

Add hanging hardware to the back of the board.

Check out this tutorial for a Craft Supply Board for more organization inspiration!

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5 thoughts on “Personalized Peg Board

  1. Regenia Compton says

    I love this and all your craft idea. And I just wanted to tell you that you are so cute. I am always looking for fun ways to organize my family, so thank you so much.

  2. Megan says

    So cute! I think I’ll make one for my son this weekend :)

  3. Joyce says

    Love all your crafting ideas.

  4. LOVE the peg board, but REALLY love your whole
    Website! You are just so wonderfully creative! I keep
    coming back to look at everything because I’m
    afraid I missed something the first 5 times I looked at it!
    As I said before, I absolutely LOVE all of your ideas!

  5. This is way more helpful than anynihtg else I’ve looked at.

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