Jewelry Organizer

Recycle an old picture frame into a Jewelry Organizer. 


I recently received this personalized name necklace from I loved picking out the finish, the font style, and the chain. Where else would I find a necklace that has my nickname, Marzipan?

How to:

I looked around my craft room and found these foam blocks that were used as packaging for scrapbooking brads. Cut the foam blocks to fit inside the frame.

Hot glue the blocks to a piece of chipboard cut to fit the frame.

Use an X-acto knife to cut rows of slits in the foam. (Be careful, the blade is very sharp!)

Widen the slits by adding a second slit close to the first, then holding the blade at a 45 degree angle to slice out the foam between the slits. Check that the slits are wide enough to insert a ring.

Remove the chipboard from the frame. Lay a piece of fabric over the blocks and chipboard. (A fat quarter of fabric was enough for mine.)

Use a popsicle stick or a butter knife to tuck the fabric deep inside the slits.

Add a line of hot glue right below the foam blocks, then smooth and press the fabric to adhere. Repeat with the top edge of the blocks.

Add a border of hot glue along the edges of the chipboard and smooth the fabric to adhere.

Flip the chipboard over. Trim the fabric so that there is about 2 inches of excess fabric on each side. Cutting a slit at each corner will make the fabric easier to fold. Fold in the fabric on each side and hot glue to secure.

Add a border of hot glue along the inside edge of the picture frame, and press the chipboard in place. Press down the tabs on the back of the frame to secure it further.

I’m adding a couple of hooks that I bought at my craft store for $2 each. You can find a large selection of hooks and knobs at home improvement stores. These came with screws, but I’m choosing to use decorative brads instead. Poke a hole through the chipboard with a large needle, then insert brads through the holes to secure.

Now I have a place to  keep my new favorite necklace!

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9 thoughts on “Jewelry Organizer

  1. kim says

    Great idea!

  2. Sherry says

    What a unique idea!!! will try this with a larger frame.

  3. ScrappingLatina says

    Luv… It came out awesome… Tfs.

    • Lauren says

      I guess I feel like this is just one more thing to try to remember and knwonig me, I probably wouldn’t. I’ve had two kids and zero shopping cart covers, and we seem to do okay. Yours is really cute, though, and I can see the plus side of having it to cover a restaurant high chair, because those really ARE disgusting!

  4. Andrea says

    I do so love to see crafty ideas!

  5. Mary GReen\]\]]\\\\\\ says

    where can i find foam block???

  6. where can i find foam block and the decorative brads?? Made i find this from you please and I love the fabric too

  7. Philix says

    Wonderful Website.

  8. The best website and the best post ever! Thanks for sharing with us bro!

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