Imaginary Friends

Bring your child’s imaginary friend to life… use their drawing as a sewing pattern!

How to:

Make a copy of your child’s drawing and use that as a template for your fabric. My daughter drew these adorable pictures, and together we brought her “imaginary friends” to life. The green and blue monster is for her little brother and has jingle bells inside. It’s machine washable.

The pink one is hers… we used a DCWV voice recorder to make a soundclip of her singing, then sewed it inside. It can be tricky to push the flat Play button on the recorder… to make it easier to find inside her friend, I put foam tape on the back of a sewing button, then placed that on top of the Play button. Now it pops up so it can easily be felt under the fabric.

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  1. SUCH a great idea Maur! Love it. *B

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