Folded Flower Box

These pretty folded flower boxes are perfect for party favors or small gifts. Best of all, they’re free to make!

How to:

Begin by printing the free template by clicking on the link in the video description. Cut out along the solid lines. You’ll notice that there is a slit by the flower petals. I’m going to wait to cut those until I’m done decorating my box.

There are endless possibilities for decorating, but today I’m choosing watercolors because they’re great for springtime projects. I’m using Koi®  tube watercolors, made by Sakura. My Koi watercolor set came with 18 blendable colors, so I can experiment with lots of color combinations. You’ll want to decorate the unprinted side of the paper, as that will be the exterior of the box.

To paint my petals, I’m adding a small dab of two paint colors to my palette. Then I’m wetting a flat tip brush. Dip the left side of the brush in one color, and the right in the other. With the lightest color pointing towards the bottom of the petal, make a quick twisting motion with the brush. This is a simple way to layer color without muddying it.

I’m painting the rest of the box green, using small brush strokes to mimic grass. Allow the paper to dry completely before folding.

Cut the slits by the petals if you haven’t already. Fold inward on all the dotted lines.

Add glue dots to the four side flaps, on the decorated side. Adhere to the adjacent sides.

To close the box, slide the petals together at the slits.

What would you put in these folded flower boxes?

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3 thoughts on “Folded Flower Box

  1. Sandy Smith says

    I subscribe to your YouTube channel and always look forward to the wonderful tutorials. Love your use of bright colors in your projects and especially love the music background for your videos…very relaxing! Thanks for offering the Amazon gift card give-away!

  2. Rebecca Johns says

    Such a cute idea!!!

  3. msliza814 says

    Very quick, easy and cute. 

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