Feathered Fascinator

This feathered hairclip, or fascinator, is the perfect balance of elegance and whimsy– and it only takes minutes to make!

How to:

Begin by putting hot glue on one end of the barrette.  Add feathers, overlapping one on top of the other.  Let the quill of the feather hang down off the edge. Work from both sides of the barrette, to meet in the middle.  Pay attention to which way the feathers naturally curve and place them accordingly.  Use the longer feathers for this back layer.

Once the barrette is covered, use the smaller feathers to add another layer in the front.  Trim the ends of the feathers so they’re even with the edge of the barrette.

Add a layer of hot glue along the bottom edge, and adhere a strip of ribbon.

Trim the ends of the ribbon, and hot glue the ends on the backside of the barrette.

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