“I Spy” Bag

I Spy Bags make great “quiet time” toys!  

How to:
made with
(2) 9x9 cotton fabric squares
printed photos, 2 copies of each

Typically, these little bean bags are filled with Poly Pellets, then decorative buttons and novelty toys the child can search for through the vinyl window.  This bag has a unique twist: it contains pictures of extended family for your little one to find!  (Note: the names on the list are blurred for privacy.)

Cut your fabric into two 9×9 inch squares.  Cut a square in the center of ONE piece of fabric, leaving a 3 inch border on all sides.  Then cut a piece of vinyl that is almost the same size as your fabric square (it will shift a lot during sewing, so it’s best to have extra).

Make small diagonal slits in each corner of the fabric.  Turn the fabric over and fold the edges of the rectangle behind the window for a nice seam.  Lay the vinyl on top and sew pieces together.

Now we’ll add the printed list of names. You can mount it on scrapbook paper if you’d like.  Put on the left side of the window; make sure you can see all the words through the vinyl.  Use a zig zag stitch to sew a box on top of the list to secure in place.  Now you can trim the vinyl, leaving just a 1/4 inch border on each side.

Lay the two pieces of fabric on top of each other, right sides together.  Pin in place, then sew together, leaving a 2-inch hole for turning right side out.

Now take your printed pictures and adhere to a piece of chipboard.  Cut into squares, then adhere the copy of the photo to the other side of each piece.  Use plenty of adhesive, you don’t want the pictures to peel off.

Turn bag right-side out, then add the family photos.  Fill with Poly Pellets.  Do not overstuff, the child needs to be able to manipulate the bag to find the pictures.  Sew seam shut.

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3 thoughts on ““I Spy” Bag

  1. Patricia says

    Love this what a wonderful idea. I will have to make this.

  2. Nicole J. says

    This is a fantastic tutorial! Great job.

  3. Lisa says

    These are great for Alzheimer or Dementia patient too. You can also use small items for them to identify. Such as tell them to find the button, or small toy dog, or puzzle piece etc. and let them look for it.

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