Fabric Egg

You can make a fabric egg for imaginary play, an Easter display, or a pincushion.

How to:

Begin by printing out the pattern. You’ll need to cut four of these shapes for each egg. I like to cut mine from two coordinating fabrics. Fold your fabric right sides together, and lay another folded piece of fabric on top of it. Pin together, and cut through the four layers with fabric scissors.

It’s important that you know which end is the top, or your egg will turn out very lopsided. So with your fabrics still pinned together, mark the tops with a dot.

Now sew two contrasting fabrics, right sides together, along one side, using a quarter-inch seam.

Lay the next panel on top of the last, right sides together. Sew along the open side of the first panel. Repeat with the final panel.

Then sew the first panel to the last. Leave a one inch hole at the bottom for turning and filling. Notch the seams, being careful not to clip the stitches. Trim any stray threads.

Turn right side out and roll the seams between your fingers to give them definition.

If you’d like this egg to be a softie toy, or if you want to use it for home decor, fill it with poly-fill batting. Stuff it as full as possible.

Use needle and thread to handstitch the opening shut using a blind, or ladder, stitch.

If you’d like to use the egg as a pin cushion, fill it with rice. Every so often shake the rice down to make it settle. Once it’s almost full, pack it down with your finger. You want it to be very full. Then sew the hole shut.

If you’d like instructions to make the Egg Carton Sewing Kit shown in these photos, click here.

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3 thoughts on “Fabric Egg

  1. Gabrielle Roy says

    Thanks! I had been wanting to make a few decorative eggs for a vase. This is such a cute and easy was to do so!

  2. Judy says

    I can not print your free egg pattern

  3. Annie says

    thank you! I’ve been trying to figure this out on my own and now I know just what to do!

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