Umbrella Stand & Planter

I’ve tried several store-bought bases for my umbrella, but none were strong enough to support my 9-foot patio umbrella on windy days. Here’s how I made my own heavy-duty umbrella stand!

How to:
made with
PVC pipe, 2 ft
PVC pipe cap
concrete mix, 1 ½ 50-lb bags

Begin by cutting the PVC pipe to about 2 feet long (a handsaw works fine). Add the cap to one end.

You’ll need a large pot. I went to a local greenhouse and asked if I could buy one of the containers they use to hold saplings. They sold me a big used one for $2. Make sure you choose a container with a wide, flat base so it won’t tip over in the wind.

For this project, I used Quikrete 50 lbs Fast Setting Concrete Mix. It costs about $5 for a bag at Lowe’s, and I used a bag and a half. So my umbrella stand is a sturdy 75 pounds, as opposed to the store-bought bases that only weigh 30.

Add water to make the concrete mix the consistency of mud. This particular type of concrete says it doesn’t require mixing… but I stirred it a bit with a garden trowel just in case :)

Insert the pipe into the center of the concrete-filled pot. The cap should be at the bottom and the opening at the top. The concrete will start to harden with 5 minutes or so.  As it begins to thicken, make sure that the pipe remains vertical and straight.

The concrete will be pretty hard after 15 minutes and you can leave it alone then.

Allow the concrete to cure overnight. Then add potting soil and flowers on top of the concrete.

Add your umbrella and you’re set!

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3 thoughts on “Umbrella Stand & Planter

  1. Heather says

    Question about the concrete and soil … how does the water drain through the soil if it is on top of concrete? I really want to make one of these but would like to ensure I do it correctly. Thanks!

  2. Linda says

    How do you get the umbrella to stay put? Up drafts will carry ours out. We’ve broken too many umbrellas because of it.

  3. Valerie says

    I was thinking the same thing and I have an idea…… cut a weep hole in the bottom of container/pot (if there isn’t one already- do not cap the bottom of the PVC pipe like instructed and be sure PVC pipe is centered over the containers weep hole then after u pour the concrete and it hardens drill some holes in the PVC pipe from the top of the concrete up to the top depth of the pot then cover that portion of pipe with some irrigation pipe sleeve fabric (might not be called exactly that, sorry) but that way soil doesn’t clog the holes – then add your soil and plants I would think that excess water in soil would be able to make it thru the fabric into the holes down the pipe and out the weep hole- I have not actually done this myself though it just popped in my head so please forgive me if my “idea” is lacking!!!

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