Button Earrings

A new pair of earrings is the perfect pick-me-up! These take only minutes and are oh-so-affordable!

How to:

You’ll need to purchase a button covering kit from the sewing notions section. It costs around $3 for the set, and you can purchase a refill package of extra button fittings if you’d like to make more. I’m using the 5/8 size for these earrings.

Cut out the circle template on the back of the package. Trace two circles on your fabric. Pay attention to the positioning, you want a lot of pattern in the center. You can draw on the right side of your fabric, it won’t show later. Cut out the fabric circles.

Center the circle on top of the rubber mold, with the wrong side of the fabric facing you. Take a button cap and press it firmly into the mold. Tuck the edges of the excess fabric into the center of the button cap.

Now place a button back inside the mold, covering the fabric. Use the plastic pusher to press the back firmly. You should feel it pop into place. Flex the mold to remove the finished button.

Use a pair of pliers to pinch the shank close to the button. Wiggle gently and the shank will pop out.

You’ll need a package of earring posts, which can be found in the jewelry making section of the craft department. Add hot glue to the back of your button and press the post in place. Slide an earring back onto the post.

You can also layer fabrics for a different look. Try adding tulle or lace, or even ribbon.

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2 thoughts on “Button Earrings

  1. Emma callcutt says

    This is amazing! However I live in the uk and cant buy a button cover kit! I’m devastated xx

  2. Miranda says

    I am totally going to make a pair!

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