Coffee Table Re-do

Refinishing a piece of furniture is a great way to update your decor without spending a lot of money.

How to:

First I sanded the paint off with an electric sander. In the past I’ve also tried using a paste-type paint remover, but it was so messy I didn’t want to go that route again.

Once I was down to bare wood, I rubbed the black stain in with a rag. I did it out in the sun, and that really cut down on drying time. (I stained a wood couch frame with the same product a year ago, in the dead of winter in the garage, and it took a WEEK to dry completely.) I let it dry for 4 hours, then added a second coat.

4 hours after that, I was ready to add my French-style numbers. I chose to use my house address numbers. I printed them onto cardstock in the free Trinigan font. Then I cut out the printed letters to make a stencil.

Since I’m painting on top of a stain, it’s necessary to use an OIL-BASED (not latex) paint. I found a very small can of Rustoleum Oil-Based Enamel paint at Wal-Mart for about $3. (They also have black in that size.) I used the satin variety because I wanted a shiny finish.

I used the paper as a stencil for my white paint. I debated trying to tack it down with some type of adhesive, but in the end decided it might damage my finish, so I just held down the edges firmly while painting. And that’s it!

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One thought on “Coffee Table Re-do

  1. Rachel says

    How beautiful! I love it! We have an old coffee table that I’d like to redo, and I think I might do something like this. Thanks for the inspiration!


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