Chalked Hair

Get the look of dip-dyed hair without the commitment! Here’s how to chalk your hair for temporary color…

How to:

You’ll need to purchase soft pastel chalks. The brightest, boldest chalk for this is Sennelier Extra Soft Pastels.  You can expect to pay about $4 per stick, plus shipping. I know you’ll ask if you can use sidewalk chalk or colored chalkboard chalk… in a word, nope. Those will just show up white in your hair.

Begin by dipping the end of a lock of hair in a cup of water. Run your fingers down the hair to get rid of excess water.

Twist the hair. This makes it easier for the color to grab onto the hair, and it’s faster. Rub the chalk over the hair. You can add more than one color. If I’ve added more than one color to a lock of hair, I like to run the hair through my fingers a few times to blend the colors together.

When you’re finished, the hair will feel very dry. I like to add a little hair moisturizing cream to the tips. For my daughter’s curly hair, I add a curl defining spritz. A little hair spray helps to lock in the color, but be aware it still might transfer to pillows or light-colored clothing.

Wash hands immediately with soap and water.

To remove the color, shampoo. Be sure to use a good moisturizing conditioner afterwards. My daughter’s hair is ash blonde, and the purple and pink came out easily. Mine is dyed platinum, and red and blue didn’t leave a trace. I know brunettes who like to use teal and purple.


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4 thoughts on “Chalked Hair

  1. somedaycrafts says

    Love this. I am featuring it at

  2. jessica says

    do you know how well it’ll work on brunetts????

    • says

      Turquoise and purple show up well on brunettes, if you buy the brand suggested.

  3. Sian says

    Will this show up at all on black hair?

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