Book Page Fringed Flowers

Pair these Book Page Fringed Flowers with Book Page Roses for a gorgeous floral arrangement!


Crafting with old books is a great way to give them a second life. We love books, so please, only use damaged books for your recycled projects.

How to:

Begin by trimming three medium-sized book pages to 4 inches wide.

fringe flower from book

Stack the pages, then fold in half width-wise. Fringe the paper by cutting slits about ¼ inch apart. Leave 1 inch along the bottom uncut.

fringe flower from book

Unfold the papers. Cut a segment of floral wire to 12 inches. Make a loop in one end. (This prevents the petals from sliding down the wire.)

fringe flower

 Place the looped end of the wire on top of a piece of fringed paper, in the uncut area at bottom.

Fringe flower

 Roll the paper tightly around the wire.

Fringe flower

 Secure by wrapping with a 3-inch piece of floral tape. Pull the tape tightly while wrapping. Repeat with the other two pieces of fringed paper.

Fringe flower

 Cut a piece of floral tape to 8 inches, and wrap the wire tightly, stopping about halfway down the wire.

 Cut two teardrop-shaped leaves from paper. Pinch around the wire, then secure with a segment of floral tape. Finish wrapping the remainder of the wire.

Fringe flower

 Trim the petals in the center of the flower to 1 inch. Trim the next ring of petals to 1 ½ inch.

Fringe flower

 Spread the petals apart by flattening the center with the palm of your hand.

Fringe flower from old book

Check out the tutorial on Book Page Roses for more flower-making fun!

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2 thoughts on “Book Page Fringed Flowers

  1. Roxane says

    Loved the spoon roses.

  2. I tried to choose pages that were heavy with one color on the front and back, so that the flower had a more consistent coloring.

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